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    1500 Necrons, first list build, competitive


    I am dusting off my old necrons, pouring through the new 'dex and trying to decide which models to buy. I play in a competitive environment, so my playstyle is more min/max that fluff but I have yet to even test out the new 'Crons. Having spent some time in the dex and reading numerous posts, I have the following list I'm prepared to enter trial combat with...

    Overlord, Warscythe, CCB - 180 Pts
    Overlord, Warscythe, CCB - 180 Pts

    Court 1:
    Pulsetek (goes with warrior squad 1) - 55 Pts
    Lancetek (goes with warrior squad 2) - 35 Pts
    Veiltek (goes with immortals) - 60 Pts

    Court 2:
    Lord, Warscythe, Res Orb, Mindshackle scarabs - 90 Pts
    Pulsetek (goes with warrior squad 2) - 55 Pts
    Veiltek (goes with warrior squad 1) - 35 Pts

    5 Warriors (Pulsetek, Lancetek)
    5 Warriors (Pulsetek, Lancetek)
    10 Immortals, gauss blasters (Lord, Veiltek)

    Fast Attack:
    10 Scarabs - 150 Pts

    Heavy Support:
    3 Spyders, 1 'plain, 1 Claw, 1 Prism - 175 Pts
    Annihilation Barge, gauss cannon - 90 Pts
    Annihilation Barge, gauss cannon - 90 Pts

    Total: 1495

    My primary concerns building this list were anti-tank efficiency. Current meta includes razor spam, Hive guard spam, IG squadrons, etc. Need to have a way to deal with high Tough, lots of AV 11/12 armor, or a decent amount of AV 13/14. At first glance, there seems to be little in the 'cron dex that can be deemed RELIABLE anti-tank (lascannon or melta equivalent; sorry 'been playing Wolves for the past 2 years waiting on the new 'Cron dex).
    Overlords on CCBs seems great, but all it takes is 2 lucky shots on turn 1 and they're gone.
    Scarabs are great, but a well placed large pie plate can wipe 10 off the board in one shot.
    Lanceteks are only Strength 8.
    Heavy Destroyers are a least S9, but are a very costly 180 Pts for 3 of them, or 260 to give them 2 normal destroyer meat shields, which is cost-prohibitive for what you get out of them.
    Doomsday Arks are just like CCBs, one shot and they're done.
    I built a version using 2 Harp of Dissonance Crypteks but they just didn't seem to give the bang I needed for their cost
    With all that in mind, I figured that counting on any one of the above to serve as anti-tank by itself just wouldn't work, but a combination of the most cost-effective portions might satisfy me. The 2 pulsetek strategy also really called to me, denying visibility for the first two turns as a very minor cost upgrade to a Lancetek. I think almost every competitive 'cron list (again, take this with a grain of salt since I've never played them yet ) should have 1 pulsetek. Night fighting on enemy turn 1 if you're going 2nd is just amazing. I have some doubts as to the effectiveness of the 2nd pulsetek though, especially if you're using things like Overlords on CCBs. I intend on getting them close enough to sweep attack on turn 2, and that probably means inside night fighting shooting range on enemy turn 2, so all I have really done by making turn 2 night fight is force my opponent to focus all firepower on the 2 things he can see: my overlords... Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but I plan on running 2 pulseteks for now and finding out.
    Anyway . . . the 2 warrior squads sit back in cover on objectives and blast tanks/heavy infantry with their 2 attached lanceteks each. I'm hoping that I have enough other more important threats on the table that I can get away with fielding 2 min squads, but we'll see.
    The immortal squad with lord and veiltek squad attached is where it gets interesting. I fully intend on deepstriking them within 12" and rapid firing 20 rounds of S5 gauss love and an AP1 flamer into whatever I need to (tank rear armor, infantry, etc.) and if the scatter gods don't like me, so be it. They are also my only mobile objective taking unit, so I need to hold them back until I can commit them to the fray. The lord gives me pause - 90 pts for a non-IC infantry model is a lot, but I need the warscythe and mindshackle upgrades to help when I am inevitably charged after I veil-DS, and the res orb will probably pay for itself with how I intend on using them.
    The Scarabs add additional anti-vehicle/tarpit threat and with their large charge radius, are something else that requires immediate attention from the enemy.
    The spyders have a dual role: spit out more scarabs and/or defend the 2 warrior squads against deep striking or outflanking units. It's just hard to pass up 9 scarab-spitting T6 allocatable wounds with a 3+ save for 175 pts.
    Finally, the annihilation barges are just too good to pass up for the points, and they provide yet another threat the enemy must deal with from turn 1. In fact, the only units that the enemy can ignore on turn 1 are the spyders and the immortals, and they each have a very specific role to play.
    I considered upgrading one of the Overlords to Anrakyr, because his Pyrrhian Eternals ability synergizes very well with this list (Veiltek immortals is possibly the only list that makes sense taking him in), but I just couldn't see spending 75 points just on that ability (the Tachyon Arrow is mostly useless with him in the barge, as is Mind in the Machine post-FAQ, and counter-attack/Furious Charge) which means that I'd run him in the Immortal squad on foot, giving up an anti-tank Overlord/CCB. Although as I type this, it does seem like it would be fun to run Anrakyr this way...
    Comments/critiques are highly encouraged

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    Nice list, looks pretty much like mine (I take it like a flattery), the only thing I would consider is splitting your scarabs. Two starting squads of 5, or one of 6 and one of 4 will give you target saturation, while still being effective (by turn 3 should be 10 and 9) and allows you take on more tagrget. 19 scarabs is overkill, and will get crushed if it's at all possible... so 2 squads leaves you with more options and resilience IMO.
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