New to Nidz. I want to slowly build it up over time. This is what I currently have

1 Tyranid Prime assembled with scything talons, Bonesword and Lash Whip
3 Tyranid Warriors (not yet assembled how should I play these?)
2 Hive Guard
16 Genestealers assembled with standard set up
15 Termogants assembled with Fleshborers
10 Termogants assembled with Devourers
16 Hormogaunts
3 Ripper Bases

The set up I was thinking is

1 Tyranid Prime, scything talons, Bonesword and Lash Whip. 95 points.
3 Tyranid Warriors, scything talons, boneswordx2. 120 points. (Is this the right sort of set up?)
2 Hive Guard. 100 points.
8 Genestealers. 112 points.
8 Genestealers. 112 points.
15 Termogants, Fleshborers. 75 points.
10 Termogants, Devourers. 100 points.
16 Hormogaunts, toxin sacs. 128 points.
3 Ripper Bases, toxin sacs. 42 points.

total 884

That gives me another 116 to play around with. Does this army look ok so far? what would you recommend I should do with my next 100-600 points?