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Thread: 1.5k new to tau

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    1.5k new to tau

    Shas'el: pr, fb, ta, hwmt, 2 shield drones 127

    3 Crisis suits: pr, fb, mt, team leader w/ pr, fb, ta, hwmt, 201

    2 Crisis suits: tl mp, ta, team leader w/shield drone 126

    3 crisis suits: bc, flamer, mt, team leader w/ bc, tl flamer, ta, hwmt 133

    6 firewarriors 60x2

    4 pathfinders: devilfish: dp 133x2

    2 broadsides: ta, team leader w/ta, hwtl, shield drone 180x2

    hammerhead, rail gun, bc's, mt, dp 165


    the firewarriors will take the devilfish from the path finders who will be nestled in cover to provide ml support for the suits to increase their BS or alter cover. the hammer head will be controlling enemy horde as first priority and enemy armour as second priority which is the purpose of the broadsides. what do you think?

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    I think you'd need to be very careful with your troops in 2/3rds of the missions...

    I'd be tempted to drop bc/flamer suits in favour of more troops and increasing the deathrain squad to 3 (I really don't like the idea of suits getting close enough to use flamers )

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