Heya, I'm thinking of making either a Dark Eldar or Eldar army to paint going through 1k up to 2k points. I like a lot of the dark eldar models and thought about making an army, primarily for painting that would stand a chance of winning a casual game or two.

The basics of my list is warriors and wyches in raiders supported by a ravager, 5 scourge and jetbikes to provide anti-tank. The incubi venom and court venom provide CC support to the Wych Raiders.

I love the harlequin models and although they'll be left trailing the vehicles, I still want to find some use for them (outside of tailoring the whole list for them using WWP or footslogging). Similarly, I like the mandrake models, despite their usage problems (good for a tarpit?)

Archon – Huskblade, Soultrap, Shadowfield, Ghostplate, Court + Venom SC
10 Warriors – Splinter cannon, blaster + Raider (FF)
10 Wyches –Hekatrix, PGL, Haywire, 1 Wych weapon + Raider (NS)
<10 Wyches –Hekatrix, PGL, Haywire, 1 Wych weapon + Raider (NS)>
<10 Warriors – Splinter cannon, blaster + Raider (FF)>
8 Harlequins Master, seer, jester, 2 fusion pistols, 5 kiss, pw
<5 Incubi + Venom Splinter Cannoni>
<5 Mandrakes, Nightfiend>
Fast Attack
3 Reaver Jetbikes <6 Reaver Jetbikes – 2 Heatlances>
<5 Scourge 2 haywire blasters>
Heavy Support
<Ravager (FF)>

<these things> show how I would make the army at 1000pts and 2000pts. I won't be facing any tournament-standard armies, my main opponents are Chaos Marines, Daemons, Tyranids and Eldar. Will this army be able to survive or even win a game every now and then or are there any improvements you can recommend? Thanks.