So this is an ineteresting list that i have, i had posted a similar one before but this one is very effective and it goes against all standards for Necrons.

Nemesor Zahndrek. 185
Vargard Obyron. 160
Royal court: Lord: resurrection orb, warscythe, mind shakle scarbs. 90

Lychguard: 5 lychguard with swords and boards, in a night scythe. 325
( this is where obyron and the lord go to)

Immortals: 10 immortals, all tesla, 170
( this is where Zahndrek goes)

Immortals: 8 immortals, all tesla, in a night scythe. 236
Immortals: 7 immortals, all tesla, in a night scythe. 219
Immortals: 7 immortals, all tesla, in a night scythe. 219

Monolith. 200
Anni barge. 90
Anni barge. 90

All for 1984 points.

The tactics

Start withthe immortal squad and zahndrek on the board, most preferably in cover with the two anni barges flanking them, and then crucial, GO SECOND. Turn one, give your immortal unit stealth, take away any ability u want. Your opponent gets their second turn, if they pull in reserves, deepstrike your army also. Get everything on to the board. Dont bother if they are out in the open, the opponent will not know what to do when everything else comes on so this gives u a turn to be safe becuase they are focused on trying to protect everything then. Your turn two, move and fire at all infintry first, monolith can use its doorway to either teleport zanhdreks unit or as the exile one if close enough, and fire the partical whip at tanks, dump out the lychguard, try to move them then and assault( u can do this If your scythe did not move yet) then let the game continue from there.