HQ: Imotekh and Command Barge - 305
Orikan the Diviner - XXX
ELITES: C'Tan with Moulder of Worlds and Writhing Worldscape - 245
2xTriarch Stalker - 300
TROOPS: 2x20 Warriors - 520
2x10 Warriors with Ghost Arcs - 490
FAST ATTACK: 10 Scarabs - 150
HEAVY SUPPORT: 3 Spyders - 150
Doom Scythe - XXX

This is an expansion of a 1000 point list that has been doing well for me. The idea is to have cheap, replenishable troops, using more expensive units to protect them. Imotekh provides cover of darkness for advancing, especially for Scarabs and a good chance to steal initiative. He will go with one of the large groups of Warriors to make them relentless. Orikan slows my opponent in turn one and will be put in the Command Barge bought with Imotekh. He will sweep attack in early turns, giving him better than his base attacks with his re-rolls to hit. When he does finally transform, he will then hop out to cause true pain. The C'Tan works with Orikan to slow enemy advance and uses his template attacks for horde control. Its primary assault target would be vehicles, though it can handle enemy elites too. The Triarch Stalkers are meant to make the rest of the army twin-linked for horde control but can handle vehicles as needed. The Warriors should be fairly survivable and the Ghost Arcs are capable of amazing amounts of fire power. The Scarabs will surge forward to melt vehicles for as long as possible. The Spyders will produce more Scarabs until the unit is destroyed and then switch to attacking vehicles themselves or other units as needed. The Doom Scythe is used for early vehicle destruction given its speed but will likely turn into a bullet magnet.