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Thread: 1850 Mixed list

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    80 (x2)

    1850 Mixed list

    Played this list twice now and pulled out wins against a Salamander and Dark Angel army, both very good players.


    Fire Dragons x6 Exarch w/ Firepike

    Dire Avengers x10 Exarch w/ Dire Sword both powers
    Dire Avengers x10 Exarch w/ Dire Sword both powers
    Dire Avengers x10 Exarch w/ 2 Catapults both powers Wave Serpent w/ Bright Lances, Spirit Stones, Vectored Engines
    Guardians x20 w/ Bright Lance Warlock w/ Spear, Enhance

    Warp Spiders x6 Exarch w/ 2 Death Spinners

    Wraithlord w/ Bright Lance
    Falcon w/ Scatter Laser, Holofields, Spirit Stones
    Dark Reapers x4 Exarch w/ Fast Shot

    The Salamander list was a slaughter, all he had were a few scattered bolters that could hurt the Avatar, so I just had him rampage around the table. Dark Angels was a lot more difficult. Termi heavy list, so I had to rely on weight of fire to get through them, but at the end of turn 6 I had barely squeaked a VP win (league play).

    I like the list a lot. I generally plan on keeping the Wave Serpant in reserves, so it can come in later and make a quick push for an objective, or provide support to a weak sector. Otherwise the Avatar anchors the guardians and atleast one DA squad and the fearless dakka of doom just roams around blasting things.

    Nights Justice Space Marines
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    39 (x2)

    Foot Eldar plough through Deathwing. Praise the Eldar Gods that you didn't encounter a mechanised army - you're extremely low on anti-tank; in fact you've got 3 Bright Lances and a Squad of Fire Dragons. Mass light vehicles (especially with cover) would provide major difficulties. If I would add anything, it would either be more S8 long range weaponry, S6 dakka or both.

    And why on heaven Direswords? And why Vectored Engines?
    My beloved Eldar force, I'll judge your roster core. I appreciate your concern, You're gonna think and learn. Rep me... rep me, my friend.

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