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    Advice for 1500 point tourney

    Ok, so I want to enter my first tournament. It's a 1500 point limit, and I have a 1394 pt list made up, and I need to fill the final 106 points. Now, before everyone tears this apart, I realize it's not really a competitive list, and I have no plans on going in and dominating this thing (otherwise I probably wouldn't have started collecting Orks!), but I would appreciate some advice on any minor improvements that could be made. The Nob bikers stay though, they are the main reason that I love Orks so much.

    HQ: -85
    Big mek

    Troops -484
    18 slugga boyz
    19 Slugga boyz
    19 shoota boyz
    -2x Big shoota

    Elites - 410
    Nob bikers(6)
    -6x bikes
    -2x PK
    -2x Big choppa
    -Waaagh banner
    -6x Cybork

    Fast Attack: -135
    3 Deffkopta
    -3x Rokkit Launcha

    Heavy Support -280
    2 Battlewagon
    -2x Deff Rolla
    -2x Armour Plates
    -2x Big shoota (on each)
    -2x Grot Rigger
    -2x Red Paint Job

    So that's it. I plan on having the two slugga squads ride in the battlewagons, with the Big Mek accompanying one of them. I have the black reach warboss, so I could cut one boy out and throw him in with the other slugga squad, and that should almost fill out the points. Any suggestions?


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    Well it looks good still even if you are not going for mega competitive. Are the Nobz equipped to take advantage of the wound allocation rule? Also if you only have 3 troops and that one unit of 20 is on foot (I take it for holding the objective?) Then I would up them to 30. Any unit of boys not in a transport should be mazed to 30 IMO. Also I would take off a big shoota and red paint job on the battlewagons and add a kannon. That way you can shoot the big shoota and template for the kannon and still move. Though you seem to be lacking in shooting anti-tank.
    Repainting Orks not sure how many points yet
    Warriors of Chaos shelved until further notice

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