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    500 points to 1000 points list (wyches)

    I just bought the stuff to make the 500 point army below. I'm working on upgrading it to a 1000 point list and seeing what else I would need to buy. I'm gonna go ahead and post the 500 point army so you guys can give me a little bit of feedback on it.

    500 points

    HQ 85
    succubus w/ agoniser 85

    TROOPS 295
    5xwarriors w/ blaster 60
    venom w/ extra sc 65

    7xwyches w/ agon hek 100
    raider w/ ff 70

    HEAVY 115
    ravager w/ ff 115

    495 points

    that has 5 lances, 1 beast cc unit, and one kite and shoot unit. plenty of dakka and will likely rape in cc.

    the 1000 points I am thinking about go for has two variations

    HQ 145
    succubus w/ agoniser
    haemy w/ liquifier

    ELITES 175
    venom w/ extra sc

    *4xtrueborn 108
    *venom w/ extra sc

    TROOPS 370
    8xwyches w/ agon hek
    raider w/ ff
    8xwyches w/ agon hek, shardnet&impaler
    raider w/ ff

    FAST 78
    3xreavers w/ heat lance

    HEAVY 230
    ravager w/ ff 115
    ravager w/ ff 115


    the idea being to play peek-a-boo with the jetbikes (until they make their points back, then I can get dangerous with them)
    I put the haemy with one squad of wyches and the succubus with the other. the haemy raider stays in front since they have FnP.
    between the incubi, ravagers, and doubled up raiders, I think that the opponent might have a hard time choosing what to shoot.

    this list comes stick with 9 lances and tons of cc killy.

    the variation on the list (which I won't need to buy extra for) drops the incubi in favor of a trueborn squad with blasters
    that adds 4 lances but removes a very effective cc squad. so it really depends on whether I need the extra anti-tank(or termie ) or not.

    so I'm looking to buy the second set of wyches, raider, and some jetbikes (actually just picking up a battleforce), along with the group of incubi

    what do you guys think? am I taking this in a bad direction? I really like the succubus but do you think she is still viable in 1000 points? I can switch to an archon if it's needed, but she is definitely a monster for very cheap.

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