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    750 Point Balanced List.

    Hello, I have abit of a conundrum here.

    My friends meet about every week to play some 40k, most of us don't have all of our armies together, but we have a IG player, 2 Tau Players, A Chaos Space Marines guy, Tyranids, and Necrons. And Me, who plays Orkz.

    I would appreciate abit of input, as im trying to put together a list that doesn't just roll over and die to each army.

    Warboss w/ Twin Linked Shoota, 'eavy Armor & PK
    -95 pts

    1x Looted Wagon (Made out of Legos no less, At least until i get ahold of of a rhino or something of the like)
    -Armor Plates, Boom Gun, Big Shoota x2, 'Ard Case, and Red Paint
    -135 pts

    5x Kommandos
    -Rokkit Launcha x2
    -Nob w/ 'eavy Armor & PK
    -115 pts

    20 Boyz
    - Slugga Choppa
    - PK Nob w/ 'eavy Armor & Bosspole
    -165 pts

    12 Boyz
    - Shootas
    - Big Shoota
    - Big Choppa Nob w/ 'eavy Armor & Bosspole
    - 102 pts

    3x Deffcoptas
    Twin Linked Rokkits
    -135 pts

    -747 pts

    So far, i have been rolled by some Necron Immortals, and got Stomped by a Leman Russ, but this was at 500 points, Graduating up to 750 i wanted to add some countermeasures to armor, like the Looted Wagon, and the Kommando Claw unit w/ the Rokkits.

    Thats the list, as it stands, I would LOVE to add Lootas, but i don't have the bitz to convert some boyz...


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    Well, first of all, how refreshing to have a group with only one marine player! I can't talk, my biggest army is DA, but I welcome the xenos!

    Now, to your army:

    Models, Schmodels! One of the best things about Orks is their customizability; who says those kommandos aren't lootaz? Here's my .02:

    You need to develop an identity for your list. Are you mechanized, or are you a slogger? That 20 boy mob would be better suited to shootas. That looted wagon would be better as a converted trukk for the shoota boyz, who I might add would then be better suited to sluggas and choppas!

    If your friends are sticklers for WYSIWYG, then it is what it is. Just expect to struggle a little bit until you have a list with a bit more synergy. And if you lose it don't matta cauz da Orkses never lose see? Cauz even whens we lose we live to stomp another day see?
    "They have us surrounded? Good! Now we can fire in every direction; those bastards won't get away this time!"
    -Chesty Puller

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    Also splitting the deffkoptas into 3 separate units tends to work better. That way if one dies then the other two dont have to take a Ld test.
    Also you can target individual units.
    W/D/L Rumpin' BackThumpa's WAAAGH, 38/3/21

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