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Thread: 1300 Pt Tau

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    Senior Member wilddragon's Avatar
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    1300 Pt Tau

    So I am going to be playing a friends Orc army this weekend. As I understand it he has a warboss with 5 nobs, 30ard boys, 20 boys, 10 gretchins, a trukk, 3 bikes, and 3 def koptas, roughly. Now here is what I am going to be fielding, its mostly for fun, but I am stuck on what I should add for 300 points.

    Commander Shas'el w/ cyclic ion blaster, plasma rifle, targeting array, HW MT

    Firewarriors 12 men w/ Shas'ui, marker light, bonding knife, devilfish w/ disruption pod

    Kroot 15 w/ shaper, pulse rifle, 6 kroot hounds

    3 xv8 suits w/ Team Leader Shas'vre, twin linked flamer, HW DC, 2 gun drones, bonding knife

    2 xv8 suits w/ Team leader Shas'vre, twin linked missle pod, Targeting array

    6 Gun Drones

    Hammerhead w/ Railgun, burst cannons, Multi tracker, disruption pod, flechette discharger.

    Dont critize the shaper he kills a lot. As do flamer suit squad. The gun drones run near the commander so he can hide and they eat the fire. What I am thinking of adding as I have had success with them is 5 more kroot and 6 more hounds, also 3 broadsides w/ shas'vre and targeting arrays. As I need to kill the koptas and bikes before they get my tank, and other heavy power. What do you think? Keep in mind this is a 1300 point game, I already have 1000 mapped out and need only 300 more points.

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    Rules Attorney BrockSamson's Avatar
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    More suits, another hammerhead, less kroot. I will criticize the shaper.

    You have a lot of points spent well, but some points spent on filler, and since the codex is fourth ed you can't afford that. Drop the gun drones, shaper, and put the kroot to minimum. Lose the leader and ML off the FWs, they can't move with a ML anyway. More suits, fill those units out, that's where the kills come from.

    I really like the flamer squad though.
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    Senior Member Astantia's Avatar
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    I shall also criticize the shaper.

    But you said the list is for fun, so any criticism will just look like me trying to make it not fun.

    I would add more mid strength, mid ap, high rate of fire weapons. Burst cannons, flamers, pulse rifles, etc, since you're tailoring the list to orks and know what he's going to be fielding anyways...
    Gareth is the person I try to impress when I convert and paint.

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    Senior Member Aun'Vre's Avatar
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    Tut tut tut. Shapers - hell, upgrades besides hounds - on kroot. I recognise the fact that this is a fun list, honestly, you'd have more fun with those points spent elsewhere. I think more hounds.

    I think you're overlooking the 'structure' of a standard tau list. Railguns > Markerlights > Battlesuits > Vehicles > Kroot > Fire warriors > 'Fun' stuff i.e. sniper drones, piranhas etc. The difficulty with tau is that they're a 4th edition army, meaning that in a fun game you have to at least partially prioritise and make a structure because otherwise you'll get facerolled by other armies that are more compatible with 5th edition. Here is what I would change your list to, assuming you already have the models:
    (also you need to take another hard point option on the flamer suits)

    Shas'el - 103
    Cyclic ion blaster
    Plasma rifle
    Targeting array
    HW Multi tracker

    Battlesuit X 2 - 106
    TL Missile pods X 2
    Targeting array X 2

    Battlesuit X 2 - 102
    TL Flamer X 2
    Drone controller X 2
    Gun drones X 4

    Fire warriors X 12 - 205
    Devilfish w/ Disruption pods

    Kroot X 15 - 165
    Hounds X 10

    Gun drones X 6 - 72

    Hammerhead - 165
    Burst cannons
    Disruption pods
    Multi tracker

    This leaves you 382 points to use; what other models do you have?
    "Victory is sweet, blood is sweeter." - Aun'Vre

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