So we just started Warhammer 40k and are still learning it and I'v played two matches so far (It was my Tau allied with Tyranids vs Grey Knights, Eldar and Imperial Guard) and it havent gonetoo well for me so I wanted to see what people thought of my army list HQ: Commander Twin Linked Plasma Shield Elite: Crisis Suit Twin Linked Missile Pod Shield Crisis Suit Missile Pod Burst cannon Shield Troops: 12 Fire Warriors 12 Fire Warriors 10 Fire Warriors Devilfish 20 Kroot Heavy: Broadside Shas'vre Drone Controller 2 Shield Drones This list uses almost everything I have so far, Bought it used and will buy more soon. But so far I got whats on the list + another 6 Kroot, 10 Gun drones, Aun'va with bodyguards, And a Ethereal (Who's actualy to model for Aun'shi) (This is getting realy annoying, I try to post it as multiple paragraphs but when I post it gets pulled together to 1 paragraph..)