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    Dusting Off The Robot Horde: 2 1500 Necron Lists

    So, I've just taken my old Necron force out of the dormancy of its Tomb-World. After de-dusting them and making a few new purchases, I'm just about ready to start reclaiming the galaxy. I've cobbled together two 1500 point lists, and I'm not sure which one to roll with. Without further adieu:

    List 1:



    -4 Harbingers of Destruction, 1 Harbinger of Eternity w/ Chronometron


    -18 Warriors
    -Ghost Ark

    -10 Immortals: Tesla

    Fast Atk

    -3 Heavy Destroyers

    -6 Wraiths: 3 Coils, 2 Casters

    Hvy Support

    -Annihilation Barge

    -Annihilation Barge

    1494 Pts. Total

    The idea here is to move the Cryptek court into the Ark on turn 1, then use it as a bunker for the Crypteks and a hospital for the Warriors. Zahndrekh could take his Res. Orb to either Troop choice. He'd be responsible for some Tank-Hunters Crypteks and Hit-And-Run Wraiths. Chronometron-Cryptek could go anywhere, but I see him being the most useful with the Eldritch Lances for re-rolls on the vehicle damage chart. From what I've read, Tesla Immortals are the way to go unless they're rolling with a Phaeron. Wargear on the Wraiths is spread out for maximum wound-allocation shenanigans, naturally.

    My concerns with this list are the fact that I'm only running a single CC unit, and that the Heavy Destroyers might drop like flies. Would Scarabs be appropriate?

    List 2:



    -Catacomb Command Barge

    -Royal Court: 4 Harbingers of Destruction, 1 Harbinger of Eternity w/ Chronometron

    -Royal Court: 4 Harbingers of Dest. w/ 1 Solar Pulse, 1 Lord w/ Warscythe + Res. Orb


    -5 Warriors

    -5 Warriors

    -5 Warriors

    -5 Warriors

    -10 (Pyrrhian) Immortals: Gauss

    Hvy Support

    -Annihilation Barge

    -Annihilation Barge

    1495 Pts. Total

    Here the Warriors serve as ablative wounds for the Lance-Crypteks, with 2 'Teks per Warrior squad. Imotekh goes with the Immortals, and gets a Chrono-Tek for those Lightning re-rolls and a lesser Lord for a Res. Orb and close-combat punch. Anrakyr uses the cover of darkness to get within vehicle-hijacking range. The Ghost Ark is worth a lot less without a Cryptek squad to bunker, and 7-man Warrior squads are likely to get taken out if they're focus-fired upon, leaving nothing left for the Ark to repair.

    My main issue with this list is the fact that I only have 2 Barges, and would have to shell out another $30-something to run it. I'd rather avoid paying more than necessary - the pockets run only so deep. Would dropping the lesser Lord and converting the Ark into a Triarch Stalker, and one Annihilation Barge into a CCB work? That would leave me with exactly enough points to run a second Solar Pulse.

    I'm a tad apprehensive about running partial-mech lists. In the past I've always run all-mech or all-footslogging; just how dangerous is it to grant the enemy the use of his Lascannons AND his Heavy Bolters at the same time? And by the way, various swaps and bargains have left me with Scarabs, Spyders, Lychguard, C'Tan, Flayed Ones, a Monolith, a Destroyer Lord, and 30-something *old school* Warriors that I could count as just about anything from Immortals to Deathmarks. But I don't see much besides the Scarabs fitting in, and then I'd need to include the Spyders to pump them up, no?


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