Nemesor Zahndrekh and Vargard Obyron - 345
Overlord - 135
Phaeron, MSS, Scythe

Royal Court - 265
2X destruction crypteks - 125
2X Solar Pulse, 1X gaze of flame
2X transmogrification crypteks - 100
2X Harp of Dissonance
1X eternity cryptek - 40

17 Necron warriors - 221

7 Necron warriors - 130
Ghost Ark - 115

10 deathmarks - 190

Monolith - 200

1600 points or so

Phaeron moves up with the deathmarks as shock troops, taking out any troop-based threats. The warriors in the ark get a transmog cryptek, a destro cryptek and Zahndrekh while the unit on foot gets Obyron, the gaze cryptek and the chronometron cryptek. The idea is that the ark moves forward as fast as possible, allowing Obyron to teleport his unit forward as quickly as possible. They open fire on the closest enemy, and have the gaze if they get charged. Turn two, Zahndrekh disembarks with his unit to get the best from his abilities, while the ark moves alongside for repair duties. Furious charge goes to Obyron's unit and so they charge the closest enemy, stealth if there's no-one in range (stealth on the turn they DS as well). The monolith just acts as a huge fire magnet, keeping shooting away from the mobile repair station. Transmogs us their entropic shooting on any heavy tanks or MCs so that they're softened up for the destros or deathmarks, while the monolith targets anything with a good invul save with the portal

Any improvements or changes on the tactics? Think I should change the army composition? (take in mind that I don't yet have any barges, immortals, wraiths or scythes)