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    2000 Points starting Nids

    Hi Guys

    Would appreciate any and all feedback to my following army list. A bit of thought behind the list is actuallyI love the models and alot of what is in the following list is because of this fact. But I would still like a competitive army so would appreciate fellow gamers thoughts.

    Hive Tyrant - Wings, Adrenal Glands, Hive Commander

    Lictor Brood - 2 x Lictors

    Venomthrope Brood - 1 x Venomthrope

    Tervigon - Catalyst, Acid Blood

    Termagant Brood - 20 x Termagants, Spore Pod

    Hormagaunt Brood - 20 x Hormagaunts

    Hormagaunt Brood - 20 x Hormagaunts

    Genestealer Brood - 8 x Genestealers including Broodlord with scything talons

    Tyranid Warrior Brood - 5 x Warriors, Bone swords & Lash whips, Spinefists, 1 x barbed strangler, Spore pod

    Gargoyle Brood - 16 x Gargoyles

    Carnifex Brood - 1 x Carnifex, Bio plasma, Adrenal Glands

    Trygon Prime - Adrenal Glands

    So theres the list. What do people think? I would outflank 1 x unit of Hormagaunts using the hive commander ability. Venomthrope to give cover save to tervigon.

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    Welcome to the hive!

    The list works well. I love a lot of the models for Tyranids as well, and that's why I often play in non-competitive settings so I can get a feel of these models. And that's the point I'd like to make now - the kind of list you're fielding should not be used in a competitive scene. I'll explain why.

    Have you ever played games of Warhammer 40,000 before? If you have, and you've played against some of the more popular armies, you would understand that there are certainly a lot of vehicles being used. Tyranids don't have vehicles, but still need ways of taking them out. To try and damage a vehicle, you really should be SHOOTING at it with weapons S6+. Attacking them in close combat is often not a good idea as it can be quite difficult to hit them (no matter how high your WS is), but can be used as a last resort.

    With this in consideration now, look back at your list. How many S6+ weapons do you have? If I'm correct, I see only two. One of them is from the Lictor and their AP is - so you would have trouble wrecking the vehicles. So if you take that into consideration, and you take what armies you're likely to be facing - Dark Eldar, Space Marines, Imperial Guard and Necrons are all the go at the moment. At this size IG can have 17+ vehicles, and DE have around 14 or 15. Even if you utilised every weapon at your disposal, how do you think you are going to take out that many vehicles? What are you going to do if your enemy just sits there in vehicles and flames your hordes to death, while shooting lascannons and autocannons and the like at your monstrous creatures?

    So now, read over the Weapons and Biomorphs section. What weapons do you see that are S6 or more? Acid Sprpay... nah, not really suited to tank hunting... Devourer with Brainleech Worms... will only do adequately, as it is only S6 and it is AP -, so not exactly preferable against vehicles, but can be used regardless... Flesh Hooks have been discussed... Heavy Venom Cannon looks like just the thing, and is used as a secondary option for tank hunting (check out the asterisk). Impaler Cannon... perfect. Where can we find them? Hive Guard. So we'll need those in our games. Let's see... Ripper Tentacles... pathetic range, only found on Mycetic Spores (and you have to use them for tank hunting then you are playing with some serious issues). Rupture Cannon looks like an even greater form of the Impaler Cannon, and where can we find them? Ah, the Tyrannofex. Stranglethorn Cannon... large blast tells us that it shouldn't be used against tanks... and Venom Cannon, just a lesser form of the Heavy Venom Cannon.

    Eligible close combat attacks that destroy tanks: all monstrous creatures. Psychic Powers that can take out tanks: Warp Lance (Zoanthrope).

    So, to recap, our main anti-tank units are the Hive Guard, Zoanthrope, Tyrannofex, Hive Tyrant (with some builds), Harpy (with HVCs) and the Carnifex (with certain builds. Can charge into melee too). That means we have to include some of these units in our army, and we need to find which ones are the best for the job. Hive Guard are going to take out most vehicles that you'll face, so we need five or six of those. Zoanthropes are good for heavy tanks, so we should take two of those in a Spore (for protection). The others are just personal preference.

    Also, maybe reconsider your upgrades? You give Adrenal Glands to your Hive Tyrant and your Trygon Prime, giving them S7 on the charge, but how many T5 models are there out there? Not many at all is the answer! And then you do not utilise the fact that if the Tervigon has Adrenal Glands and Toxin Sacs, then nearby Termagants benefit from them as well? Nor do you give your Hormagaunts or Genestealers Toxin Sacs (which they really do need)? Scything Talons for the Broodlord are unnecessary (not many models are going to have WS7). Gargoyles are absolute rippers when given AG and TS.

    This list could do in a very non-competitive game... just. I'm not going to rewrite your list, but think about what I've said.

    The Warlord

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