I will be playing a 1000 point doubles game next Monday. i will be paired with Space Marines. It will be Necrons/Space Marines vs. Necrons/(CSM or GKs). Shared force org. so if I want 2 fast attacks, my partner has to have 1 FA. If he wants more than one elite choice, I have to have alteast one elite choice. I was thinking about doing a scarab farm and let my partner focus on shooting like crazy.

Overlord, Scythe, MSS, PS, CCB -- 240

Royal Court:
Solar Pulse Crypteck

5 Warriors x3

5x Wraiths
-3 Whip Coils, 1 Pistol

6x Scarabs

3x Sypders

The Veiltek is there just to deepstrike a group of warriors onto an objective, if needed. Or to jump to one late game. Will probably reserve them and one more group of 5. It is almost a guarentee, with the person we are playing, that they will have a solar pulse as well. Just came up with this and wanted to see what you guys thought. I have no idea yet on what my SM partner is playing.