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Thread: 500pt Tau army.

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    500pt Tau army.

    Hi all,

    me again This time with a 500pt Tau army, these guys were my very first army for 40k, and so their little blue-skinned antics have earned them a special place in my heart.

    Anyway, here's the list:-


    Shas'El - T/L Plasma Rifle, Stim Injectors - 90

    Shas'Vre Bodyguard - T/L Plasma Rifle, Targeting Array - 75


    10 Fire Warriors - None - 100

    10 Kroot - None - 70

    Hammerhead - Railgun and SMS - 160

    Total - 495

    Any thoughts? I had originally tried to go hybrid/full mech, but because the Devilfish is so damn expensive at half the price of the Hammerhead in my list (dunno whether you can be explicit in saying points values, but please correct me if even what I've done there is too obvious) before upgrades, I had to drop it in favour of keeping a big nasty tank which can kill anything you care to throw at it.

    Anyway, the basic idea is your average Tau gunline really, we've got the FWs who shoot at pretty much anything, Suits which take on MEQs and TEQs, getting close enough to rapid fire, and falling back via their assault move, Kroot provide CC, and Hammerhead just blasts apart enemy tanks or failing that, enemy infantry with its sub-munitions. Thats the plan anyway.

    Just a quick note too, I'm only building this list off of models I already have, and what their equipment is (the FWs being the exception, the models have carbines, but the stats have rifles, I just prefer carbine models to rifles...) I would include Kroot Hounds, but I dont have the models, and dont like GWs, as they're over-priced and dont look good...

    Other models I do have is a Devilfish and 2 piranhas, which I never use, dont like and am planning to sell haha But that list is pretty much the whole lot.

    So yeah, C&C welcomed, thanks

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    So, if this is based on models you already have I'm afraid there's not much I can really recommend. However, depending on how loose your opponent is with WYSIWYG, I'd split the second crisis into its own unit and give it a MT, MP, PR instead of TL and TLPRs.

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