hello everybody. i would like your thoughts on a list i made for a friend. he has only purchased the basic things he needs/wants so far (battleforce box, some raiders, more warriors and a jet fighter) so changes are welcome. the only units that cant disapear from the list are the archon and incubi. he loves the fluff for those guys and he cant part with them. also he's looking for a more fun to play list then a spam list.


archon: agoniser, shadowfield, phantasm grenade launcher, webway portal 170


incubi (5): klaivex, demiklaives 235
raider: aether sails, shock prow, flicker field, night shields

trueborn (4): 4X blaster 183
venom: night shields, splinter cannon


warriors (10 ): dark lance 115

warriors (10 ): splinter cannon 175
raider: flicker field, shock prow

warriors (10 ): splinter cannon 175
raider: flicker field, shock prow

wyches (15): 2X shardnet/impaler, hydra gauntlets, haywire grenades, 250
hekatrix, agonizer, phantasm grenade launcher

heavy support:

ravager: flicker field 115

ravager: flicker field 115

razorwing jet: 4X shatter field missile, splinter cannon, night shield, 195
flicker field

fast attack:

reavers (6): 2X caltrops, 2X blaster 202

total: 1930

the archon rides with the incubi the warriors without the raider will sit on a home objective and the wyches will come out of the portal. i would like something else to come out of the portal too but i'm not sure what. a small squad of 5 wyches with shardnet/impaler and haywire grenades fits in perfectly but i'm not sure if that would be good choice. what is your opinion?