I know most of you have thought of this list before, but never played it. Because it's not competitive..? Well, the Flying F***s don't give a flying f*** what you think is competitive! Here's the list:

5 Warriors
Raider w/ shock prow, torment grenade launchers, aethersails, and chain snares 125
Same as above 125
Haemonculus 50
3 Squads of 3 Reavers 198
Total: 498

40k in 40 minutes version:
Warrior squad as above 125
6 Reavers w/ grav talon 142
Ravager w/ same upgrades as raider + envenomed blades 130

This seemed like the most flyingest f***iest list possible. I hope you get what I mean by f***iest, because I'm clearly not referring to hellions.