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    1500 point army list

    So this is what ive come up with to field against chaos. the player usually uses Deamon Prince, Terminator Lord, 5 Terminators, 10 Marines, 8 Thousand Sons, 12 Berserkers, Vindicator, Defiler and 2 Oblitorators. If I use more points he tends to put more marines on and 10 possessed. Not sure how many points that is for Chaos it could be around 1750 but he usually kits his units out aswell with powerfists and all the other goodies for the thousand sons and berserkers. So my question is will my army perform well against chaos and which units should I swap out for other units and also for the additional 250 points what should I put on.

    Farseer,Spirit Stones,3 Singing Spears,Doom,Guide,2 Warlocks,Enhance,Embolden.


    10 Dire Avengers, Exarch, Power Weapon & Shimmer Shield, Defend, Blade Storm.

    15 Gaurdians,Warlock,Conceal,Shuriken Cannon.

    3 Jetbikes,Shuriken Cannon.(Quick Objective Grabbers)

    5 Scorpians,Exarch,Scorpian Claw,Shadowstrike.

    5 Fire Dragons,Exarch,Firepike,Tank Hunters. (In Falcon)

    9 Banshees,Exarch,Exicutioner.
    Transport,TL Shuriken Cannon.

    1 Vyper,Bright Lance.

    Falcon,Bright Lance. (Holding Fire Dragons)

    TOTAL POINTS 1,500

    Feel free to rip the list to shreads if you think it wont be any good. is 2 HQ especially the way ive kitted them out WAY to many points for 1500 or do you think i will need them to support the rest of my troops.
    The plan is to use the avater to anchor my gaurdians and DA whilst I slowly advance and get into range to unleash 2 S4 shots for each gaurdian and bladestorm from DA. my farseer will support the troops/banshees casting doom and guide and can also go tank hunting with the singing spears. The avatar will go against his Deamon Prince as he has a very good success of killing it. the banshees will go straight for the terminators after the firedragons have tried to kill a few of them off and will be supported by the farseer once they charge. The Falcon and Vyper will be tank hunting as he uses defiler and vidicator hoping to kill it off quickly. If that goes egg shaped i will use the fire dragons and move them to the terminators after the tanks are dealt with, fire dragons can take the oblitorators if the tanks are gone. The jet bikes are just purly for boosting to either claim or contest an objective in the last turn. scorpians will infiltrate and get the drop on one of his troops. probably the thousand sons.

    Let me know what you think.

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