Heys guy i have a a small hobby club tourney coming up and i'd like your opinions on my list just incase you have better ideas . I love craftworld Alaitoc and so i always have pathfinders as they rock in my opinion . I have enough Eldar to field everything twice at maximum squad sizes, incase you advise on a differnet list option. I know a few of the armies am playing against which are Orks, Tyranids, Soggy dogs (space wolves), Dark Eldar and Grey Knights. Comments are very welcome


Farseer- Guide,warding- 90
Farseer- Doom, Fortune, witnessing, spirit stones- 140


5 Fire dragons- wave serpent,twin-shuriken, spirit stones- 190
9 Howling banshees- Exarch, executioner, war shout. wave serpent, twin missile, spirit stones- 301
6 Stirking scorpions- Exarch, claw,biting blade. wave serpent, twin scatter, spitit stones- 253


9 Dire avengers- Exarch, PW&SS, Defend. wave serpent, twin missile, spirit stones- 280
9 Dire avengers- Exarch, catapults, BS. wave serpent, twin missile, spirit stones- 270
5 rangers- pathfinders- 120
5 rangers- pathfinders- 120


Fire prism- 115
Fire prism- 115

TOTAL- 1994.