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    2000pt Tournament

    So I'm debating between a web way portal or raider spam list. Right now I am leaning towards the WWP since its seem like it would be a lot of fun. I would appreciate suggestions on how to make the lists better.


    3 Haemonculus -310
    (2with liquifire Guns, 1 with shattershard and agoniser, all have WWP) (initially had all 3 with venom blades but has some points left over so gave one an agoniser instead)

    3X 4 Trueborn (4 blasters) -108 X3 = 324

    3x 9 Wyches (hekatrix, agoniser, Raider, Flicker Field) - 190 X3 = 570

    3X 12 Wyches (Haywire grenades, Hekatrix, agoniser, 1shardnet/impaler) - 184 X3= 552

    3X Cronos -80 X3 = 240


    The 3 Haemonculus will be in the raiders with the wyches giving them FNP which I really like. I took the true born because I felt light on anti vehicle. Since I'm having them come out of the WWP I think they will work well assuming I can get good positioning of the portals, but that goes for the whole army. I always thought blaster born was kinda a bad idea. Yes it super cheep for the fire power you get, but a smart player will prioritize them. Using the WWP they become a nice suicide unit. I did not get any upgrades for the cronos cause the flamer they get is all they really need, and with a web way I will already be on top of their army so firing off a pie plate with BS3 is risky with the scatter. Some things I'm not sure about are the agoniser on the haemonculucs and the shardnet/impaler since they were added cause I had extra points. I am also am a bit worried about how to deal with walkers. I expect walkers to just destroy me in CC leaving the trueborn to shoot at them, but I don't have any redundancy when the die.

    Raider spam

    3 Haemonculus -200
    (2with liquifire Guns, 1 with shattershard, 3 venom blades)

    3X 3 Trueborn (2 darklances, Raider, shock Prow) - 151 X3 = 453

    3X 9 Wyches (Haywire grenades, Hekatrix, agoniser, Raider, Flicker Field) - 208 X3 = 624

    3X 5 Wracks (liquifire gun, Venon, 2 splinter cannon) -125 X3 = 375

    3X Ravager (Flicker Field) -115 X3 = 345


    Again I love to have wyches starting out with one pain token. As far as the trueborn I plan on running them as sniper squads hidden in cover and use their empty transports to give shielding to my more important vehicles. Also on turn 5 and 6 the shock prow will let me tank shock the enemy objective contesting it. In this list I'm not sure the haywire grenades are needed on the wyches since I have soo much dark light. however I don't know what I would do with the extra points.

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    Definitely keep the Haywire Grenades, they're great and I don't take Wyches without them. I suggest finding the points to upgrade at least two of you Cronus Pain Engines to Taloi with Chain Flails and either TL Haywire Blasters or TL Heat Lances. You should also put some upgrades on the remaining Cronus. could get the points by dropping one of your WWPs and converting one of your Wych squads from Raider mounted to WWP. Two portals should be enough at this level; drop one right away and swoop the other into the enemy backfield and drop it turn 2.
    "Is Archon Braigh-Dee going to have to choke a Wych?

    Courtesy of Wicky: D.C.S.S.E.P.C.I.C.B.

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