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    2500pts Tournament list

    Hey im thinking of entering a tournament some time in the future and i am just testing a few different army lists so any comment

    Overlord 135pts
    Sempiternal Weave
    Resurrection orb

    Destroyer Lord 170pts
    Resurrection Orb
    Sempiternal Weave
    Staff of light

    20 Warriors 260pts

    20 Warriors 260pts

    20 Warriors 260pts

    5 Destroyers 260pts
    3 heavy Gauss cannons

    Doomsday Arc 175pts

    10 Flayed Ones 130pts

    Monolith 200pts

    C,TAN Shard 240pts
    Transdimensional Thunderbolt
    Enthropic touch

    10 Praetorian's 400pts

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    Drop the praetorians. They are a waste of points. At 12" range, your enemy will devistate you way more than you will them. Your pistols have little effect against troops, 1 shot that will wound, but probably be shrugged off. A way more effective way is glancing a tank to death for necrons, or 2 triach stalkers. Driving 2 s8, ap1 shots that then twin-link all other guns looks like a way better opinion to take down tanks.

    Monoliths look nice, but are not pratical anymore. Still slow moving, too large to deep-strike, shooting isn't as effective as it needs to be and it will be the target from turn 1 on. Subing in some annilation barges would be a good idea. Able to take down light tanks, and easy wounding troops. Yes, no ap, but it kills people through overwhelming tesla shots.

    I am not sure on doomsday arks yet. On one hand, the s9 ap1 shot is beautiful, and kills troops and tanks alike, but on the other it cannot move and shoot, so where it is deployed is where it stays. Plus most of your oppenents will hug cover when they see it. I would drop it, and the res orb from the overlord to put in 3 lords with orbs, and a warscythe on the overlord. It is much better for your warriors to stand back up on the 4+ than the 5+, and it will improve their chances of living.

    I would say to keep the warscythe on your destroyer lord. A lord, jumping 12", that has s7 and 2d6 armour pen eats through tanks. Also a good thing if you want to keep him with the other destroyers if they get charged because the anti-infintry and anti-tank guns don't really mix well.

    20 warrior squads, hee hee hee. I run 15, and they are a pain for my opponents to kill, can only imagine what 20 warriors is like. Like i said earlier, try and get some lords with orbs for them so that they can last longer.

    I have never used flayed ones, so does anyone else have opinions on them?

    The enthropic touch on a c'tan isn't nessacary because against troops he already ignores armour and against tanks, they usually are dead if he chooses to attack them. Lord of fire would be a better option if you want to keep the points low, i know you won't really use it, but the touch you are never going to use.

    The only other thing is get some mindshackle if you can. I know necrons don't want to be in combat, but it happens and shacke can save the day. For 15 points, they are great.

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