My last list (the no vehicles/guardians one) performed surprisingly well, landing me a tie game. Which was more than I expected.
Now, the warpgate has been repaired. Troops have arrived via the webway. Specifially, two skimmers, fast attackers, and other. More rangers have gathered.

Here's the list:
HQ: Autarch w/ wings, mandiblasters, fusion gun
Troops: 5 rangers
Troops: 5 rangers
Troops: 5 pathfinders
Troops: 5 pathfinders
Troops: 10 dire avengers, exarch w/ shimmershield, defend, bladestorm
Elites:10 fire dragons, exarch w/ firepike, crack shot, tank hunters
Fast attack: 10 warp spiders, exarch w/ 2 death spinners, powerblades, surprise assault, withdraw
Fast attack: 5 swooping hawks, exarch w/ sunrifle, skyleap, intercept
Fast attack: 5 swooping hawks, exarch w/ sunrifle, skyleap, intercept
Heavy support: wraithlord w/ 2 flamers, starcannon, wraithsword
Heavy support: fire prism w/shuriken cannon, vectored engines, holo-fields, spirit stones
Transport: wave serpent w/ twin starcannons, shuriken cannon, vectored engines, spirit stones

1998 points.

Exarch goes with one of the hawk squads
Avengers go in wave serpent

Idea is that vehicles, avengers, dragons, and wraithlord hunt/distract, hawks skyleap and deep strike, shooting upon arrival (twice each, total of four blasts, autarch helps with the reserve roll), or helping destroy tanks (close combat) against armies where that's too much for the dragons to handle alone.
Rangers/pathfinders shoot and hopefully pin here and there, and are far enough apart that the enemies can't attack two many of them without becoming disorganized, allowing rangers to cover each other without having to pick between two equal threats. Warp spiders bounce between them, help pick apart these threats with hit-and-run strategy.


So. Feel free to tell me that this is a retarded list, and feel free to suggest changes or alterations. But I only own those two tanks. Actually, that's not true, I have two more, but they're from my older, crappily-painted army that I'm replacing and prefer not to use them. And no guardians. Ever. I dislike them for ill-defined and irrational reasons.