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    500 point Speed List

    Hey guys, just drew up this 500 point list for playing at my local hobby centre.
    Just looking for any advice on the list, don't know how well it will work on the table.

    Haemonculus w/ Hexrifle 65

    8x Warriors
    + Raider w/ Flickerfield, Nightshield, Splinter racks 162

    5x Wyches w/ Haywire Grenades, Hydra Gauntlets
    + Venom w/ second Splinter cannon 135

    5x Wyches w/ Haywire Grenades, Hydra Gauntlets
    + Venom w/ second Splinter cannon 135


    Basically the idea of the list is to keep moving and avoid the enemy while raining down alot of poisoned shots.
    I do realise the raider is kitted out pretty heavily, but my logic is the armour rating for the raider is pathetic, and my warriors would be wiped off the board if they end up on the ground and get into combat. Nightshield keeps me safe, but letting my splinter rifles still fire, and splinter rack being a great bonus.
    Venom's will fly around looking for infantry, taking chunks out of units while my witches move to assault. Haemonculus is going to stay on the raider and try to take out enemy characters.

    But if im on the wrong track with my logic please let me know, im open to any criticism on the list.
    Thanks guys

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    The first thing that pops out at me is the lack of anti-tank. Yes, 500 points not to many tanks, but as soon as you play the guard army hiding in chimera, you will wish you had the tanks. What i feel like when i look at the list is that you will fly up, a tranport will be blown up and the squad of 5 will die fast. What do people think about putting the wytches together, dropping 1 and switching the hexrifle for a liquifier. No question, it is a good unit, but i have mixed feelings at this low of a point cost. If you do, you can put the unit of 8 warriors up to 10, and give them a blaster and cannon, plus get 5 walking warriors. Put them hiding by a objective or have them come on later in the game and hug cover. 12 points left, maybe grab a hekatrix or something. This gives you 3 lances, and 9 haywires for anti-tank, a flying flamer, 9 wytches with FNP, 8 rifles and a cannon for anti-infintry. Blasters are almost a must-have on warriors because they give them the option of taking out a tank, and you won't really be missing the 2 poisoned shots when the blaster is a kill if it hits.

    Just some thoughts

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