The tournament is next saturday the 21st.

So, a bit of back story. I moved up to a new town. In my old gaming area the games were played at 1850, this is the number for all the major tournament events that anyone would go to and was deemed quite "standard". Here, the point values vary from 1000-1700pts or so. It seems that 1500pts is the most common, and now that Astronomicon - Toronto is on the horizon people are gearing up to go to that event (at least a few that I have spoken to). Hence this tournament is 1500pts. I love the fact that it will be a 4 round tournament as I feel that you need at least 4 rounds to really get a good pool of winners for the top spots, this also allows for that one bad game and you can work your way back up. Anyhow, the original list that I was thinking about was this one: Skared: Army Profile 1500pts Dark Eldar - YouTube I played this list out once against my brother and although I did rather well I missed my archon. It also bleeds a lot of kill points, I was humming and hawing on what to keep or remove untill I came up with this particular breed of the list:

Archon with goodies (agonizer shadow field, combat drugs, phantasm) - 145pts
Heamy with liquifier - 60pts

4 Incubi Venom as above - 153pts

8 Wyches as above in raider with aethersails - 211pts

5 Warriors in venom 125

5 warriors in raider with ff - 130pts

3 wracks in venom - 95pts

6 reaver jetbikes - 166pts

2 ravagers - 250 (night and flicker)

Razorwing dissies, cannon upgrade, ff

I then had another game with this list here: Skared: Batrep 6 Space Marines vs Dark Eldar 1500pts - YouTube

Now if you have been following me so far, this last game showed me a few things about my list that (even tho the mission was stacked against me) stood out... so I hummed and hawed again, I took a better look at the models that I have available in my collection and came up with this list, I am 2 points under so I am wondering what I could tweak to get those last points used.

Archon, Shadow Field, Agonizer, Combat Drugs, Pistol, Phantasm Launcher - 145

5 Incubi in Raider with FF, trophies - 185

8 Wyches Hek with agon, HWG's Raider with FF, trophies - 201

8 Wyches Hek with agon, HWG's Raider with FF, trophies - 201

5 warriors blaster, venom dual cannon - 125

5 warriors blaster, venom dual cannon - 125

3 RJB HL - 78
3 RJB HL - 78
5 Scourge 2 Haywire Launchers - 130

Ravager 3 lances FF - 115

Ravager 3 lances FF - 115

1498pts total.

If you have gone through all the steps then you will have reached the end of this thread and I greatly appreciate it. Now, what do you think? I know the local meta is not known to be uber "competitive" but I think this list will fare well. I have a decent number of anti tank weapons as well as some good anti infantry, now I did loose the power of the razorwing but I think the scourge will make up for it (at least I hope) and they are cheaper. So we will see.

Thanks a lot for reading and your comments are greatly appreciated.