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    2k eldar corsairs

    Hey guys
    I am really tempted to start an eldar corair army from IA11

    I have had a look at the rules and had a go at writing a list but i want you guys to give me any coments as I am not really sure how good some of the things are

    Fusion pistol
    (This guy is cheap and i really only need him to be able to use his night fighting rules for a turn)

    2x Eldar Corsairs
    Fusion Guns, EML
    Falcon - EML, holo fields, spirit stones
    (These guys are supposed to sit on an objective while providing fire support. The EML can deal with medium vehicles and infantry while the meta can deal with any vehicle that gets too close.)

    2x Eldar Corsairs
    Flamer, Shuriken Cannon
    Falcon - EML, holo fields, spirit stones
    (These guys are more for the counter attack type thing, moving the eenemy off objectives after they have been weakened by shooting)

    3 Wasps
    Duel Scatter Lasers
    (Thinking about deep striking these and then opening up on the side/rear armour of a tank)

    Fast Attack
    2x 2 Hornets
    All have duel bright lance's to take out the more heavy armoured vehicles. Its expensive but they look so cool that i cant not take them

    Same role as the horents

    Heavy Support
    2x Warp Hunters
    (These guys are used for dealing with massed infantry, heavy infantry and heavy tanks)

    So what do you guys think
    Is it all well balanced list at 2k

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    It's an alright varied list. I guess it all depends on what you plan on fighting. That list seems like it'd be good against a general Ork or Nid list.
    I"m also working on Corsairs and made a 750, 1500, and 2000 point list. Here is my 2000 point general purpose list, in case your curious.

    Corsair Princess - Void Saber, Shimmershield - 120
    Blade Sworn Retinue x4 - Power Swords - 96
    Venom Transport - Holo-field, Star Engines - 95

    Void Dreamer - Gyrinx, Jet Pack, Neural Shredder, Spirit Stones, Webway Portal - 165

    Fire Dragon Aspect Warriors x5 - Exarch, Tank Hunters, Wave Serpent - 197

    Voidstorm Corsairs x9 - Flamers x3 - 126

    Eldar Corsairs x10, Shuriken Cannon x2, Corsair Jet Packs - 135
    Eldar Corsairs x10, Missile Launchers x2, Corsair Jet Packs - 145
    Eldar Corsairs x10, Missile Launchers x2, Corsair Jet Packs - 145

    Wasp Assault Walkers x3 - Spirit Stones, x6 Scatter Lasers - 225

    Fast Attack
    Nightwing Interceptor - 145

    Night Spinner - Shuriken Cannon, - 140

    Heavy Support
    Phoenix Bomber - 225

    Warp Hunter - Holo-Field - 160

    I hope this helps. ^_^
    "Like the ninety-nine blades of Vaul strike true!"

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