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    Dark footdar? 1250.

    Would the concept ever work? I'm not a fan of venom/raider spam.


    -x20 warriors,
    -syb w/ agoniser,
    -x2 dark lances.

    -x15 wyches,
    -haywire grenades.

    -Chain flails,
    -extra CCW.



    -x8 Harlies,
    -x8 kisses.

    Opinions and thoughts?

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    I don't see much future in this concept list. Your plan is to walk towards your opponent?
    I think the best way to go at this is a WWP based solution. You can have the Harleys to function as a delivery system and come on the field with your foot troops from the WWP's.

    In this list the problem is: Ravagers work fine but are the only AT target, thus will get shot to pieces after one turn. The Talos can be ignored for two turn at least (it doesn't have any shooting...). The Warrior squad is a very expensive way to get more DL in your list: you pay 80 points to get access to one DL... Compare that to 105 points for 3 DL on a ravager... I would advice Trueborn for this. Furthermore I don't think it is worth the effort to invest in a Agoniser on this unit. This should be in the Wyches unit, because THEY belong in CC.

    I think you should go back to the basics of every unit and rethink your concept a little. It can be done but I think you need troops with more survivability: wracks and grotesques spring to mind. But on the whole foot slogging is very slow in 5th transport heavy environment.

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    I've taken a foot slogging army before and depending on the goals of the battle you're playing, it can be viable and work.

    However, it ain't easy. Generally you'll need troops with a higher toughness. This means loading up with Wracks, Grotesques & Reapers. The Ravager's you've taken, whilst niice on paper will act as fire magnets and they'll be dead inside a turn. You'd be better off taking 3 Talos instead.

    The problems come with mobility - you have none and shooting - you wouldn't have much. But as long as you can hunker down in cover and let your opponent come to you (Remember, I said this armies viability depended upon the type of battle you fought.) then you can succeed with this sort of army.

    However, if there is very little cover - don't even consider this type of army!

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