Hi you guys,

I have an special situation since I'm teaming up with our LGC President with his Necrons. He has a reputation like "Captain Slow", so I'm looking for some advice on our shooty concept we developed.

Lady Malys

Haemonculus (1#, 65 pts)
+ (Venom Blade; Liquifier Gun)

Wyches (7#, 204 pts)
+ Shardnet & Impaler + Haywire Grenades
+ Hekatrix + Agoniser
+Raider + Night Shields; Flickerfield)

Wracks (9#, 180 pts)
+ (Liquifier Gun x1) + Acothyst
+ Raider + (Night Shields; Flickerfield)

2x Ravager (1#, 125 pts)
+ (Night Shields; Flickerfield)

Razorwing Jetfighter (1#, 170 pts)
+ (Necrotoxin Missile x1; Night Shields; Flickerfield)

Overlord (1#, 195 pts)
+ (Warscythe; Mindshackle Scarabs; Resurrection Orb; Tachyon Arrow; Tess Laby)

Royal Court (5#, 235 pts)
3x Lancetec + Gaze of Flame+ Solar Pulse
1x Chronotec
1x Veiltec

Immortals (10#, 170 pts)

2x Warriors (5#, 65 pts)

3x Annihilation Barge (1#, 90 pts)
(Gauss Cannon)

The concept is rather simple: mobile shooting Lances. We have 13 of them +1 S10 AP1 one shot. We also Have 3x Tesla Destructor. In total up to 9 Tank targets can be shot at.
I mixed in a Razorwing to look after hordes since I think the Anni Barges are more for AT and AMEQ.
With d3 units redeployment and the Veiltec we should be able to put the pressure on if we have first turn.

I wonder if I did any good on the deathstar Immortals. They need to be the mobile scoring bastion for the lances.
I personally like the Cryptec combo for better Veil, Shooting and armour penetration, vehicle damage, even Reanimation Protocols.
I was wondering if splitting one Lancetec to the Warriors might provide more AT targets to target, if it is worth it...

I'm more worried with the defence gear on the Overlord. I think I might better drop the Warscythe, Mindsch Scarabs and Tess Laby for a Phase Shifter and HyperPhase Sword.
Or to keep things simple: Switch the MScarabs for Phylactery.

I have my Wyches and Wracks to support the deathstar and assault or counter assault.

The missions :
1 Cleanse:
Deployment: Spearhead
Table quarters: each has a central objective

2 Break Through:
Deployment: Pitched Batle
Most units (no transports) in enemy DZ wins

3 Kill em All!
Deployment: Dawn of War
KP, what did you think?

I think we should have some possibilities with these missions. The last one seems more difficult.