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    1750 Necron list

    Hello I've played the necron AV13 spam list for a while now and wanted to try something "fresh" so with the new models on their way I decided to make a new list.
    I chose almost no vehicles compared to my "usual" list so my question is will it be competative or even playable?
    I usualy encounter space marines in most variants vanilla, wolves, knights, etc. And we play total war game type so with all objectives.

    Destroyer Lord (goes in unit E)
    Mindshackle Scarabs, Resurrection Orb, Warscythe

    Imotekh the Stormlord (goes in unit A)

    Royal Court
    Harbinger of Destruction (goes in unit B)
    Eldritch Lance, Solar Pulse

    Harbinger of Eternit (goes in unit A)
    Aeonstave, Chronometron

    Harbinger of the Storm (goes in unit C)
    Lightning Field, Voltaic Staff

    Necron Lord (goes in unit A)
    Resurrection Orb, Warscythe

    Necron Lord (goes in unit D)
    Resurrection Orb, Warscythe

    10 x Necron Immortals (unit A)

    5x Necron Warriors (unit B)
    Ghost Ark

    5x Necron Warriors (unit C)
    Ghost Ark

    10x Necron Warriors (unit D)

    Fast Attack
    3x Canoptek Scarabs

    6x Canoptek Wraiths (unit E)
    3x Whip coils

    1x Heavy Destroyer

    Heavy Support

    Canoptek Spyder
    Gloom Prism

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