2x Overlord (Phaeron, Warscythe, MSC, Sempiternal Weave) 360 2x HoT (Seismic Crucible) 80 2x HoDespair (Nightmare Shroud, VoD) 140 2x HoDespair 60 2xHoDestruction (Gof, Solar Pulse) 2x 10x Immortals (Gauss) 340 2x 8x Warriors (Ghost Ark) 438 6x Wraiths (Whip Coils) 270 2x Anni Barges 180 Total: 1998 The Overlords go in the Immortal squads w/ the VoDs and Hots. These units teleport around and throw infantry control/destruction like none other. The other cryteks go in the warrior squads and harry enemy armor / do ap1 flamer drive-bys. Tell me what you think.