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    About 1000 Points Silly Ork Army

    Whole Ork Army 10 5 12.jpg
    Now, it was my birthday recently. And so, I asked for Orks. I got... Orks. My parents got me 'Assault on Black Reach' that included more than I expected, with a friend getting me Ghazghkull Thraka, and another one getting me 70 Gretchins. No, that wasn't a typo. He got me 70 Gretchins. And no Runtherders. So, at the moment, my army is also highly illegal. Anyway, I'll begin to shape it into something worth mentioning, and eventually my masses should be able to crush anything my enemies can muster. That's the plan, anyway. Here's an army list, of sorts.

    Ghazghkull Thraka with Adamantium Skull - 225 points
    Warboss with Power Klaw, Twin-linked Shoota, 'Eavy Armour and Bosspole - 100 points

    Command Ork 10 5 12.jpg

    Technically, none at the moment.

    70x Gretchins with Autoguns (or Grot Blastas) - 210 points
    6x (Impromptu, actually Nobz) Runtherders - 78 points
    20x Ork Boyz - 120 points
    Boyz 10 5 12.jpgGretchins 10 5 12.jpg
    Fast Attack
    3x Deffkoptas with Twin-linked Rokkit Launchas - 135 points
    Fask Attack Orks 10 5 12.jpg

    Heavy Support
    None at the moment either.

    Oh yeah. Sorry for poor photography. And the total points value is 868.

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    very nice though gretchin are not my cup of squig juice. lets see what i can come up with to boost the points. first since those are your only boys id suggest making them ard boys to toughen them up a bit. give the warboss cybork, trust me against power weapons youll need it and you can take 70 gretchin. just gotta split them up so you dont need as many runtherds. which i can only figure out how to field them all one way 1 squad of 22 with 2 runtherds and 4 squads of 12 with 1 runtherd each. that will give you 6 troop choices

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