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Thread: 750 pts Mechdar

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    750 pts Mechdar

    Hiya LO

    I am in the process of making a Eldar army and its beginning to look like the time for battle is drawing near!

    And the first step is a 750 pts battle in the GW store!

    I was initially starting a bike army, but it would be too expensive and take too long, so i've been going the mechdar route instead!

    My List

    Farseer w/ Guide, Runes of Witnessing

    5 Fire Dragons
    Wave Serpent W/ TL Shuriken Cannon

    5 DA
    Falcon w/ Shuriken Cannon

    5 DA
    Falcon w/ Shuriken Cannon

    Fire Prism

    This is 750 pts!

    My Idea with this list is to cram as many guns and tanks in it that I can! It's very skimmed, no protection strickly offence!

    The Farseer goes with the dragons to guide them when something really needs to die!

    What do you think?

    - Dimitri

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    i think a lot of what i'm about to suggest depends on what your final list looks like because your taking units with the long run in mind. but here's a couple things:

    1) i noticed your list is laking s6 shots. again, i dont know what your final list looks like, but you want lots of s6 shots (at least s6 over prisms cannons). i think you could do a couple things to get that s6 (see point #3 and 4)

    2) you want runes of warding not runes of witnessing. guide is fine on the farseer, but i think your standard plan should be to put him in one of the falcons to guide the pulse laser. i think the dragons are killy enough so they dont need guide... depending on who you're playing, place the farseer accordingly, but the default plan should be farseer in falcon.

    3) fire prisms are bad... i mean it depends on terrain and if the people you play are any good, but if you have decent terrain and play against kinda competent people... then they're bad. again, i dont know what your final list looks like, but at least for as long as 5th ed makes fire prisms suck, you're better off with war walkers and falcons. the war walkers will also add that much needed s6, which you'd rather have over one s5 pie plate or one s9 blast.

    4) i think you should also think about dropping the dragons to get those s6 shots maybe replacing them with a DA squad to save some points. the dragons arent really necessary at 750 points. you should have okay AT with the falcons and s6 shots. maybe also try to get EMLs instead of cannons on the falcons for the extra AT if you drop the dragons.

    maybe something like this:

    farseer: RoWard, Guide

    5 dragons
    wave serpent: cannon

    5 DA
    wave serpent: cannon

    5 DA

    Falcon: EML

    2 war walkers: scatter lasers

    i think that's 745 points.

    i dropped one falcon, but picked up an EML on the remaining falcon so you only lose 1 s8 shot and you can guide it so it's better. naked wave serpents are also much better than naked falcons survivability wise, so i think you gain something by having one troop in a WS.

    this list puts out more fire power than your list with more s6 shots, flexibility, and psychic defense. i think you might miss spirit stones on the vehicles...

    you do lose the armor 12 fire prism hull, but i think you'll find that the fire prism doesnt add much in the fire power department with cover saves easily obtainable. the walkers add more tricks and light armor killing potential (this squad is really good at killing AV11 and 10, plus you can scout and outflank to get side shots on tougher tanks. 16 s6 shots will also worry most infantry units.)
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