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Thread: New to game

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    New to game

    Hi Ive restarted playing warhammer 40k and I some need help creating an 1500 point army list. I just battle two of my friends who use dark eldar and black templars. Here is the army list I am currently using

    Fuegan 205 points
    Fire prisms x2 300
    Wave serpent x2 180
    dire avengers x24 288
    banshees x10 160
    fire dragons x10 160
    wraithlord 170
    + twin bright lance

    Total 1463

    As I said am still learning all the rules and all. With this list I do cause abit of damage to them but they destroy me with close combat. If anyone can give me any tips or advice I would appricate it. Thanks

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    i dont really understand what your asking?

    but here's some tips:

    1) why are you spending 205 points for a dude that only gets one 18" melta shot when an exarch can get the same thing? i mean, i guess he's okay in CC, but 205 points is a lot for a dude that doesn't get an invulnerable save. for the almost the same points, you can get eldrad who is the best HQ in the book, but i dont think your list needs eldrad. a doom seer (farseer w/ doom) is 80 points (i think) and is probably all you need.

    2) fire prisms are cool, but when cover saves are easy to get (which they are in 5th ed), they just arent good. fire prisms also compete for heavy support slots with falcons and war walkers, both of which are better.

    dont get me wrong, fire prisms can be good. it kinda depends on how good the people you play are and the terrain you play on, but if there is decent terrain and the people you play are any good, then its hard to justify using the heavy support slots on fire prisms.

    war walkers with scatter lasers or falcons i think will be much better, especially against the armies you play against because they put out more shots to break through the 5+ DE tank save thing and smoke... but i guess that kinda depends on whether the people you play bring tanks...

    either way i wouldnt give the fire prisms holo-fields because if they get damaged, the holo-fields just make it more likely that they wont shoot instead of being killed, but if they cant shoot they're as good as dead anyway... (i assume that you gave the fire prisms holo-fields based on the points)

    3) wave serpents are base 90 points. you have to give them guns. i would recommend just shuriken cannons if you're giving the serpents to your elites or scatter lasers if you're giving them to your troops.

    4) i dont really understand what you wrote about the dire avengers because you can only have squads of between 5 and 10 and you probably only want to take squads of either 5 or 10. you also want troops squads in transports. transports make them a lot harder to kill and allows them to move fast, which is good considering two of the three book missions are based on objectives.

    5) a squad of 10 banshees is overkill... especially if you doom the squad they charge.

    6) i would break the dragons into two squads of five because 10 meltas is overkill for anything and having two squads lets you kill two things.

    7) the wraithlord shouldn't have two bright lances. the best build for the wraithlord is EML, brightlance, and two flamers. it's 155 points which is cheaper than your wrailord and gets more s8 shots, which is better when cover saves are easy to get... against your opponents, however, i would recommend giving the wraithlord a scatter laser and shuriken cannon.

    if i had to remake your list, it would look like this:

    farseer: doom

    5 dragons
    wave serpent: shuriken cannon, SS

    5 dragons
    wave serpent: shuriken cannon, SS

    5 banshees
    wave serpent: shuriken cannon, SS

    10 dire avengers
    wave serpent: scatter laser, SS

    10 dire avengers
    wave serpent: scatter laser, SS

    Heavy Support
    fire prism

    fire prism

    wraithlord: scatter laser, shuriken cannon, flamers

    that comes out to 1490 points...

    in 5th ed, tanks are good. eldar tanks are really good (but relatively expensive) and you just want a lot of them...

    anyway, the dragon squads fly forward and gang up on things like terminators or land raiders and generally be a distraction. against the DE, just try to keep them in the tank. the dragons will pretty much die after they get out of the wave serpent, but that's okay. use the farseer to doom whatever squad the banshees are about to hit. i think the rest is self explanatory.... play with the units, you may find that combining the dragons and only taking like seven is best for who and what you play against or something like that... try things out, just dont take my advise (though i think i gave some good advice).

    finally, i would recommend not buying anything until after 6th ed comes out in like a month... also gw is about to significantly increase their prices, which sucks... and more than likely 6th ed will change what units are good, so you cant avoid buying new stuff... gw sucks, but the game is fun... for now atleast...
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