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    Something Different This Way Comes!!!

    I've been overloaded with work these last few months, but in-between I've been trying to come up with some off the wall necron lists. I came up with the following Trazyn themed list a few weeks back and I'm starting to think it could be quite playable. Let me know what you guys think and if you have any suggested improvements then I'm always glad to hear them.


    Trazyn = 175

    Royal Court

    Destruktek + Pulse = 55


    10 x Immortals + Night Scythe = 270

    10 x Immortals + Night Scythe = 270


    Triarch Stalker (Heat Ray) = 150

    Triarch Stalker (Heat Ray) =150

    Lychguard x 9 = 405

    Heavy Support

    Doomsday ark = 175

    Doomsday ark = 175

    Doomsday ark = 175

    Total = 2000

    Some Notes: I've tried three doomsday arks at 1500 before and in those numbers they are more deadly than most people seem to realize, even when they're not twin linked. With this list I have four key elements that I want to bring to the fray. 1) The core of Lychguard with Trazyn are a scoring close combat threat that has to be dealt with by my opponent, they are here to take some of the incoming fire off the arks and hopefully to secure an important objective. 2) The stalkers serve two roles firstly they bring twin linked goodness and secondly they provide a means of tying up small units (if they're still around for the games end phase). 3) The night scythes with immortals I hope will add some mobility to keep my opponent on their toes. 4) And finally the doomsday arks have one goal, bringing the purity of oblivion!

    All views welcome and thanks in advance for a much needed distraction from work.

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    I spent the last 5 minutes writing about why not to take the arks, but then i though about it. How do you deploy the arks? I am thinking that with 1 your opponent has to hug the cover to not get blown to pieces, but 3 deployed 1 in middle, then 1 on each end would force the opponent to a) cover where he will be moving slower or b) run up and hope for the best. Interesting.

    As for units, i don't see how the stalkers are much help besides anti-tank. Your immortals are either going to be up and shooting before the stalkers get close or behind the stalkers because the scythe is blown up. As for the lychguard, i would recommend trying to find the points for shields. A upgrade that saves you from blast weapons and power swords, plus you want them to be staying alive. I don't see much for anti-tank in the list. I am afraid 2 meltas and a lance arn't going to cut it against any mech army at 2000pts. I like where you are going to fit in some of the more under appreciated units, but this list isn't going to do so well i'm afraid.

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