Overlord x2 w/ res orb, and phaeron- 280

Royal Court 1 90
Destruct tek x 2
1 Solar pulse

Royal Court 2 125
Destruct tek x3
1 Solar pulse

Triarch stalker w/ heat ray

Warriors 18 234
Warriors 18 234
Warriors 5 w/ Ghost Ark 180
Warriors 5 w/ Ghost Ark 180

Wraiths 5 w/ 2 whip coils 195

Anni-Barge x2 180


So one Overlord each goes with each of the 18 strong warrior squads, a Cryptek goes with each of the warrior squads..the 4th one goes with one of the big warrior squads..

The idea is the two arks support the big warriors squads, the stalker sits on one flank and the two anni-barges on the other with the wraiths running up under the cover of darkness to do what they do.