Well I was looking at the new Night/Doom Scythe models and was thinking: "I want them but...how the heck am I going to keep those alive?!" So I thought about it and decided it was also time for me to use other things I was questionable about. Namely: Deathmarks, Lychguard, Monoliths and Nemesor/Obyron slingshot. So here's what I got:

Nemesor on Command Barge
Overlord w/ Warscythe on Command Barge
Obyron w/ 10 Deathmarks and DespairTek
5 Deathmarks w/ VeilTek
10 Lychguard (DispersionShield/HyperphaseSword) w/ 2 Lords (Warscythe and 1 ResOrb) inside a Night Scythe
3 units of 5 Warriors and 1 LanceTek in Ghost Ark
2 Monoliths
4 Scarab unit and 5 Scarab unit

I couldn't even imagine using almost any of these units in a normal army, but I feel like the synergy works well here. My strategy is moving in the enemies face first turn with 2 Scythes and 2 Command Barges. Nemesor gives out stealth to one of the Scythes. The Lychguard's Scythe goes as close as it can to the enemy, leaving an assault ready for next turn if the Scythe survives. If it doesn't survive, they come out of the Monoliths (1 or both of them deepstrike). Deathmarks converge on a single target, and since the 5 Deathmark unit is so small, I can be pretty aggressive with the Veil of Darkness and not worry a whole lot. So far I beat Eldar and Blood Angles. Does anyone have any thoughts? Am I getting lucky? I feel like this is a pretty solid build for 3k. Unfortunately, I have found no way to make a 2k version Thanks for any suggestions!