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    Unless you're a puritanical army, or an army of mindless killing thingies, you can utilize kroot mercenaries in your force (I'm being vague for copy-right sake). Every other post in this section is really going to be about how to use a pure kroot Merc force. But perhaps you personally have an Imperial Guard army, or play with Radical Daemonhunters. You might be asking, how can kroot mercenaries help me? Well they can, and I'm going to attempt a post to answer that.

    Units to use
    There are really only five unit types that seem appropriate to take as mercenaries for your parent list.
    They are: Kroot Carnivores, Vultures, Kroot Hound Pack, Hunters, and Stalkers.

    Kroot Carnivores: If you're army lacks numbers, or a bit of close combat kick,
    then Kroot Carnivores may be the choice. Able to field 20 models each getting a min two attacks, the abilty to inflitrate, and with the added bonus of a hidden eviscerator in the squad, its a nice addition to your army in terms of body-bags and something for your enemy to worry about, plus they wont be expecting the tank popping goodness of an eviscerator in a kroot unit.

    Vultures: Ever wanted to have jump-packs in your army but at half the cost, I'm being serious. Then Vultures are the way to go. Same ablilities as the Carnivores, only they move much faster. And, as a bonus you can land them in woods at no danger to you!

    Kroot Hound Pack: This unit is comprised of carnivores at the base, with the added bonus of having kroot hounds, which fight like Space Marines in close combat, only more attacks, less toughness, and about half the cost. So they get the inflitrate, get the eviscerator, and get better initiative on their frontline guys. Now, they also can inflitrate closer to the enemy, and can fleet of foot, only better than most fleeters because they, with the right equipment, can pick a better of two rolls. What are you waiting for?

    Hunters: This unit is simply put the cheapest sniper in the game, barnone. They have the added bonus all kroot do of fieldcraft, so if you put them in a wooded terrain, which infiltration will help with, you have a sniper unit for pennies on the point cost that is tough as nuts to dislodge with shooting.

    Stalkers: This unit is added if you really really want to annoy your enemy. They have the ambush ability, same as catachans. Most enemies, wont expect it from whatever army you're fielding. So, near the end of the game, you can pop up a unit the enemy wasnt counting on to claim a table edge or some other such tactical consideration.

    General Notes:
    Kroot mercenaries can only be used with your army in limited numbers, based on a formula (again being vagure) that depends on how many troop choices you make.
    Kroot mercenaries in your force can not take signature adaptations, nor get the kroothawk totem, a real bummer.
    But in the end, they can offer a speciality that you're army lacks, so pick up CA2004 and read up on them. Then, if you can see a use, pick up a carnivore box, who knows, you might like them so much you've found yourself your next army!

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    Nice thoughts Maus ^_^
    Best Regards,

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    A unit that is alot of fun to use as an add on to an army is a shaper council with 3 shapers with wings, and 3 flamers.

    I think the best way to use kroot is to use them to fill in a weakness in your existing army list.

    Here are some armies and kroot squads that i have used or seen used well.

    1. Aliatoc army - with even more snipers thanks to cheap kroot. Also canrivore/vulture squads make great counter assault squads for aliatoc armies.

    2. Kroot also work well in almost any other eldar army. They make sense too seeing as the eldar race is dying they would be keen on finding any extra help to boost their man power.

    3. IG - not happy with just one squad of ratlings.

    4. Close combat IG armies are hard to make but with kroot the chore becomes alot more manageble. Army may include, ogryns, rough riders, grenadiers (mounted in tanks), sentinels and kroot. Kroot vultures and sentinels would work well to tie up the opponents army while you get your other units in range of his army.

    5. Chaos - Now you too can have sniper rifles. Kroot vulture squads are also a way to support your expensive raptors.

    6. Orks - Hey you can paint them green. If you want more infiltrators to go along with your already super cheap blood axe commandos then here they are. Just imagine the look on your opponents face when he sees 6 squds infiltrate next to him. (3 squads blood axe commandoes (with 3 heavy weapons in each squad) , 2 squads kroot carnivores, one squad kroot vultures, and 3 maxed out gretchin squads) This isnt usually expected from an ork army.

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