Just thought I'd let you know that I got a wee sneaky of the forthcoming Tau and Necron collectors guide today, and it's got a great big separate section for Kroot in the middle (well, not that big, but it's cool)

Worth the cash just for some of the conversions - most being totally different to the ones in CA 2003 - where most of the original stuff was in. Also some totally unique colour schemes, and there's even a Kroot mercenary Showcase army in there!

Nothing new in the model stakes however, but it's nice to get all the codes for all the bits and bobs - including Kroot hounds.

(The Headhunter kindred conversion is particularly cool - just a simple headswap with a Saurus warrior - adds a totally different edge to it. Also the Vulture kindred are modelled with what looks like pegasus wings, keeping to the avian theme. On the same vein, Beastmen bodies with Kroot heads? Cover the hoofs with your basing, but the fur can be made to look like feathers - quite funky. really useful to add that extra variety to Shapers or different kindreds...)