[1500] Tyranids - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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Thread: [1500] Tyranids

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    [1500] Tyranids

    The release of the new models and codex has forced me into collecting a tyranid army (curse you GW). I've had a good read through the codex and this is the first list i have put together. Please have a look and tell me what you think.


    Hive tyrant - 175 points
    with venom cannon, wings, scything talons, adrenal glands (ws), toxic sacks, Miasma

    3 x Tyranid warriors - 117 points
    with enhanced senses, leaping, deathspitter, scything talons, toxic sacks


    3 warriors - 129 points
    with leaping adrenal glands (ws&i), scything talons, rending claws, bio plasma, toxic sacks


    12 x hormagaunts - 120 points
    12 x hormagaunts - 120 points
    12 x spinegaunts - 60 points
    12 x spinegaunts - 60 points

    15 x genestealers - 240 points
    with scuttler ability, scything talons

    fast attack

    2 x raveners - 80 points
    with scything talons, rending claws

    heavy support

    carnifex - 164 points
    with adrenal glands(ws), crushing claws, TL devourer, mace tail, tusked, spine banks, bonded exoskeleton

    carnifex - 128 points
    with venom cannon, scything talons

    total points = 1498

    I know i have dished out a lot of biomorphs in this army, but i wanted a group of super close combat warriors (my elite choice) and a close combat fex (first one) that could have some half decent fire support. This army has 3 synapse units so it will give me a little flexibility in deployment and allow me to support my waves. I'm not sure if leaping is a suitable biomorph for the warriors with deathspitters but i dont know where else i can spend the points. Thanks in advance for any advice or pointers!

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    I see a distinct lack of Ex Carapace. While your Genestealers and Tyrant can get away without (especially if you've used them often in 3rd edition), your Warriors almost have to have it. With almost every gun able to AP your Warriors, they won't last long, even with the Synapse rule of no Instakill.
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