[1000] Orks - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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Thread: [1000] Orks

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    [1000] Orks

    BigMek NutBreaker= 64pts
    (Kustom Force-Field, Choppa, Big Horns, Boss Pole, Eavy Armour)

    Slugga Boyz=249pts
    (17 Slugga Boyz with Sluggas and Choppas, 3 Slugga Boyz with Rokkit Launchas, 1 Nob with Power Claw, Big Horns, Boss Pole)

    Slugga Boyz=249pts
    (17 Slugga Boyz with Sluggas and Choppas, 3 Slugga Boyz with Rokkit Launchas, 1 Nob with Power Claw, Big Horns, Boss Pole)

    (All have Twin-Linked Rokkit Launchaz, Grot Riggers, Red Paint Job)

    Big Guns Battery=141
    (3 Kannons, 1 Slaver with squig hound, 1 Mek Boy with three grot oilers and Meks Tools and three additional grot crew.

    Ork DreadNought Smasher=80
    (Two Rokkit Launchaz)

    Ork Dradnought Squisher=80
    (Two Rokkit Launchaz)

    The big mek stands inbetween my two units with his force- Fields which gives all orks within 6" a most nessacary 5+ cover save from shooting.

    The DreadNoughts Walk down either side suppling a good amount of fire power and fear towards my enemy.

    The Big Guns are now allowed to fire a S5 AP5 ord. blast each meaning a nice BIG 3 ord blasts are hitting you every turn. OR I can shoot a S8 AP3 2D6 aganist armour single shot each.

    The Warbuggies can move up too 25" in a turn with the red paint job and hit your tanks side armour on turn two with their strenght 8 shots.

    Note* Ork rokkit lauchers are assault weapons. The many bulk of Boyz runs down the middle as fast as they can firing their rokkitz and yelling insults at my enemy.

    Now remember this Ork codex has yet to have been updated, these are the current rules which I find very good. But I'd like to hear everyones thoughts on the army. If you have any question feel free to ask.
    I haven't fallen to the DARK side i've RISEN!

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    Looks like a pretty hard hitting straight forward army. Things I might consider:

    - I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure every ork army must include a warboss. Something to double check on.

    - Although the kannons use ordinance, I think they have to score a hit first, which means that only about 1 of the 3 will be laying out an ordinance template per turn. You could always just take a basilisk or leman russ and get the same effect with other perks (like indirect fire with the basilisk or big armor on the russ). Just something to consider.

    - My experience with my dreadnought has been it gets shot right off the bat and has perhaps the lowest survivability of all my units. My trio of Kans, however, always seem to have some uncanny abilty to survive against ridiculous odds. Perhaps just their luck, but I would look at possibly replacing one, mabye both dreads with Kans. Added with a big mek and forcefield, three kans would be even harder to take down.

    - I like the crazy amount of rokkits in the army. When fighting armor heavy armies like IG or even a certain Tau hammerhead, you can't seem to get enough. A tank buster squad with 3 rokkits, plus nob with a 4th and 3 ammo runts is especially nasty as they get tankbuster (+1 AP), and all are assault weapons. That's like 4 lasercannons running amidst your hoard. Always have served me well

    - Finally, as a general rule of thumb I like to include a fast moving skorcha somewhere in the army. Commonly I put a shoota-skorcha on a stormboy nob or a skorcha on a buggy. But that is really optional, especially if facing armies that would still get an armor save.

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