Evil Sunz


Warboss Bashemup- 'Eavy Armor, Bionik Bonce, Slugga, Choppa- 81 points
Bashemups Basherz (Bashemup's Bodyguard)- 3x Nobs with 'Eavy armor and Bionik Bonce Slugga/Choppa, 2x Nobz with Powerclaws- 209 points
Mekboy Gear 'ead- Kustom Force Field, Kustom Slugga (Blasta, More Dakka), 'Eavy Armor- 46 points
Da Bashamobeele (Bashemups & Co's Trukk)- Armor Plates, Grot Riggers, Red Paint Job, Turbo Boosta- 45 points
Total= 381 Points


Da Fiyabase (Flash Gits, Kustom Job, Shootier, More Dakka)- x4 Flash Gits w/ Big Shoota, x8 Flash Gits w/ Kustom Shootas, Nob with Big Shoota and x5 Ammo Runts-243 points
Sneeky Gits (Kommandos)- x8 Kommandos with Slugga/Choppa and Tankbusta Bombs, x1 Kommando with Rokkit Launcha, Nob with Shoota/Skorcha- 154 points
Total= 397


x5 Warbikes- x4 Bikas, x1 Nob- 172 Points
x16 Slugga Boyz- x3 w/ Big Shootas, Nob with Power Claw- 204 points
x16 Slugga Boys-x3 w/ Big Shootas, Nob with Power Claw-204 points
x10 Tankbustas-x3 with Rokkit Launchas-131 points

Fast Attack

Two Units of: x10 Trukk Boyz- x9 with Slugga/Choppa, Nob with Slugga/Power Claw, Trukk with Armor Plates, RPJ Grot Riggers, and Turbo Boosta-171 a piece, or 342 points
x3 Warbuggies-x3 with TLRL, Armor Plates, and RPJ- 135 points
Total= 477

Heavy Support

Lobba Battery- 6 additional Crewman, Slaver with Squighound- 122 points

This list is very anti-infantry, completely focusing on distracting (and severely damaging!) one enemy flank with the fast CC units, while the Fiya Base, Lobbas, and other general things just throw mass fire at the other flank. Plenty of Rokkit Launchas in there for tank hunting, and preferably I'll get the Lobbas behind some terrain so they can bombard things and pray they scatter good.

I figure it's decent all around, it'll make Marines roll dice like crazy, scare most other armies into opening themselves up to the typically not very dangerous Ork shooting, while I laugh and start picking up dice. I especially love my Fiyabase. "You have HOW many Str. 5 shots?" (31 Str. 5 AP 5/6 Shots at 24 inches, with 5 re rolled to hits possible during the game.)

The buggies are mainly there to run around and worry tanks with Twin Linked Rokkits, and if I ever run out of Tanks to shoot, well, it kills marines just as good.