Hi guys!

This is probably my first post in this place, so I'm not too sure about the rules. This isn't my real army, and I don't know how it'd do against other armies. I just wanted to see whether it was good or not. There's 2 words which best describes this army - Living Tide.


Hive Tyrant - 203pts
Acid Maw, Adrenal Glands (WS + I), Warp Field, Toxin Sacs, Winged, 2 x Scything Talons.

Broodlord - 102pts
Extended Carapace, Toxin Sacs, Scything Talons, Rending Claws, Acid Maw

Broodlord Retinue - 144pts
6 Heavy Stealers
Extended Carapace, Scything Talons, Rending Claws.


6x Tyranid Marksmen - 197pts
Enhanced Senses, Extended Carapace, Toxin Sacs, 6 x Scything Talons, 5 Deathspitters, 1 Barbed Strangler.

6 x Tyranid Slashers - 168pts
Adrenal Glands (WS + I), Extended Carapace, Toxin Sacs, 6 x Rending Claws, 6 x Scything Talons.


32 x Spinegaunts - 160pts
Gaunts + Spinefists

32 x Spinegaunts - 160pts
Gaunts + Spinefists

24 x Hormagaunts - 240pts


2 x Zoanthropes - 130
Warp Blast, Synapse

Carnifex - 201pts
Scything Talons, Venom Cannon, Enhanced Senses, Regeneration, Re-inforced Chitin, Bonded Exoskeleton.

TOTAL : 1699pts

It's mostly troops and doesn't have heaps of firepower. The rest is completely close combat, including the Hive Tyrant. The Carnifex and Hive Tyrant are expensive, but they do their job well. There are many synapse creatures to keep the tides of gaunts together. I was thinking about cutting the Zoanthropes and adding another gaunt squad, but then there wouldn't be much anit-tank firepower. Tanks can place ordanance markers on troops, and it doesn't matter if it scatters because there's so many troops! Anything would fall to that many troops. Originally, the 2500pt army had another 800pts worth of gaunts (alot, I know!!!). If you're rich, I'd do this (get 32 gaunts for each slot of troops). :mellow: