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    [750] Vanilla (Mechanized)

    This is a conceptual army of mechanized Orks, and I'd like to hear what people think of it. It's slower than the KOS, but has tougher transports and will hopefully deliver more of it's passengers to the front line safely.

    Warboss w. Choppa, PowerKlaw, 'Eavy Armour, Cybork Body
    8 Nobz w. Choppa, Slugga, 'Eavy Armour
    WarTrukk w. Rokkit Launcha, 5 Point Armour, Grot Riggers

    9 BurnaBoyz w. 2 Burnas
    MekBoy w. Kustom Force Field, Choppa, Super Stikkbomz

    8 BurnaBoyz w. 2 Burnas
    MekBoy w. Kustom Force Field, Choppa, Super Stikkbomz

    2 Looted Rhinos w. 5 Point Armour

    Deployment would resemble the following (R for Rhinos, W for WarTrukk):
    R R
    With the Rhinos spaced 2-3" apart, and the WarTrukk a few inches behind them. The the WarTrukk, and the Rhinos should block LOS to the WarTrukk. Since the Stormbolter on the Rhinos isn't particularly useful, the entire block would advance at 12" rather than fire them. If either of the Rhinos break down, the other has a KFF to cover the WarTrukk while they continue to advance.

    When the Rhinos reach the front line, tank shock the crowd into a tight clump before bathing them in burna fire, and assault with the Warboss and retinue if possible. The following turn, unload the Rhinos and assault.

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    Too iffy. You are better protected by having a better overall army and using terrain to cover yourself. Two rhinos, even with a KFF isn't going to protect against much. Also, you don't need two KFF right next to each other. Indirect fire can still hit that trukk, and if for any reason that trukk gets blown up (very easy to when you consider indirect fire, fast vehicles that can get in range, or infiltrating devestaters / havocs / etc.) all of your eggs have been smashed, and you have a vulnerable melee unit sitting out in the middle of nowhere getting pounded to bitz.

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