I actually don't have a list ready to present. I do, however, have my opponent's list and here it is:

Plague Bringer (LT, mon, sorcerer, doombolt, manreaper, nurgles rot, infiltration)-125

Death Guard 2x7 (mon)-266

Predator of Eternal Deterioration (turret-mounted autocannon and side sponson heavy bolters)-110
Alright, now before I go stock up on Stealers, I want to plan ahead and make this thing more than capable of bringing down lists other than the one above. All I would like is advice on what models and equipment I should look into for going up against DG and also just for an ordinary 500 points list. I was considering Termagants with Toxin Sacs because a higher Strength is always nice and especially against DG, but at the cost of less models -- which I don't like all that much but can do if need be. What do you guys think about this motion?

Thanks in advance,
leet steet