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    [1950] Orks-*new*

    Head Quarters-90
    [1]Warboss-Mega Armor
    [2] Mek Boys-40


    3x[30] Slugga BOys-1080

    Heavy Support-810
    [3] Killer Kans-270
    [3] Killer Kans-270
    [3] Killer Kans-270

    Ok I dont know orks much except I may collect them after Demon Hunters, so that why I will rely on you experience..I plan to use the killer kans as shields for my orks to get up closer, so how will this list perform?

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    Your prices for the mekboys are way too high. (Cant give you exact points)
    Your prices for the kill kans are way too high. (Cant give you exact points)

    Mekboys can't accompany the warboss unless he has a retinue of at least 5 nobs.

    I would, however, recommend you take a unit of burna boys and maybe a big mek to cover the kans with kustom force fields.

    On top of the previous, cut down the slugga boy unit sizes to 20 each, as 30 is too unwieldy, 20 is the right number. Also, give them nobs with pclaws, and nothing else.

    Get rid of the boss' mega armour, as it has no trukk to ride in, so it will never make it to combat. Give it either a choppa/slugga and cybork body combo to keep it cheap, or give it a pclaw/ choppa, cybork body and maybe some squigs if you want it to rape in combat unscathed, however this costs a lot of points so don't do it unless you have leftovers. All I can think of now.

    Also, try making replaceable kan weapons so you can change them depending on the enemy.

    AKA against nids use big shootas.
    against marines, guard, tau, eldar use rokkits.
    against orks use skorchas.

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