3000 point necron army - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    3000 point necron army

    This is kinda what I'm aiming for when I've got a crap load of money (damn pewter models....HOW CAN THEY BE SO EXPENSIVE? THEY'RE BASICALLY SCRAP METAL!)
    1 Nec Lord
    -Destroyer Body
    -Lightning Field
    1 Nec Lord
    -Veil Of Darkness
    -Gaze Of Flame
    10 Immortals
    10 Flayed Ones w/ disruption fields

    5 units of 15 Warriors

    2X 10 Scarabs

    3 Destroyers

    3 Heavy Destroyers


    The Destroyer body is obviously my main HTH. He'll scoot around with the Scarabs and beat up some units, and the Flayed Ones will infiltrate, or deep strike near the ass-end of my opponent to help take out tanks and sow confusion amongst the ranks. The other lord is stuck sitting there with all my shooty boys and Veil-ing the Immortals around and then jumping back to the Monolith the next turn, then doing it all over again to really piss people off. The Destroyers and Heavy Destroyers are dedicated tank and IC hunters. I couldn't decide how many of each to take, but that worked out points wise. Anyway, this is a first shot at making a huge intimidating army. Please leave comments.

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    First, you have TWO lords and NO orb? :confused: I find at least one is always essential.
    I understand that you have 75 warriors but in a game this size your opponent(most likely marines :mad: ) is bound to have LOADS of heavy weapons.

    Just my personal playing style, but I use destroyers for intimidation purposes. All of my opponents cringe at the sight of multiple squads of these suckers! The squads you now have will go down quickly at this point level. Especially when your opponent reallizes your tank hunting w/ them.

    Also with this many warriors you would do well to have two or even three monoliths in the list. I understand this starts to suck up points from other units but this will allows you to get those warriors in rapid range quickly, instead of marching them across a field of incoming fire.

    The scarabs are great, don't get me wrong. But if you go up against a true CC army they will get chewed up. Lightning field combo works good against Toughness 3 opponents but not so great against others. After these guys are gone you will find yourself hard pressed to avoid combat. I suggest more power weapon attacks to support these combats(Spiders or Pariahs).

    I understand the last three ideas contradict themselves w/ the points that you would have to sink into them. Remeber that Necrons excell at two things: Shooting and Maneuvering.
    The lists that I normally win w/ have a healthy helping of these two and a little bit of CC ability. When I try to deviate from this much I usually lose. You think you have a good CC oriented list and then a TRUE CC army brings two dozen power weapon attacks at you in one round. I don't own a C'tan which is our answer to CC( I'm waiting for a new one to come out). I've begun working on my Dark Angel army because I play Necrons and Tau and I'm tired of not having anything really fun to look foward to in the Assault phase.

    Let me know what you think of my ideas.


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