[2000] Tyranids - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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Thread: [2000] Tyranids

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    [2000] Tyranids

    This is for friendly play and I will get right into it.


    Hive Tyrant @ 197pts.
    -both adrenal glands, toxin sacs, winged, 2x scything talons, warp field

    Hive Tyrant @ 139pts.
    -enhanced senses, toxin sacs, toxic miasma, 2x scything talons, warp blast

    Retinue- 2 Tyrant Guard @ 90pts.


    2x Lictors @ 160pts.

    Carnifex @ 113pts.
    -enhanced senses, 2x twin-linked devourers

    Carnifex @ 112pts.
    -adrenal gland(WS), toxin sacs, flesh hooks, 2x scything talons


    20 Hormagaunts @ 260pts.
    -adrenal glands(I), toxin sacs

    20 Hormagaunts @ 240pts.
    -toxin sacs

    20 Hormagaunts @ 200pts.

    20 Hormagaunts @ 200pts.


    2x Zoanthropes @110pts.
    -warp blast

    Carnifex @179pts.
    -crushing claws, scything talons, toxin sacs, adrenal gland(WS), tusked, mace tail, bonded exoskeleton, reinforced chitin, flesh hooks

    The plan for this army is to have the tyrant with guard walk up the mid with the carnifexs walking behind them and taking pot shots. The zoanthropes will be tank hunting, the lictors will pop-up and deal with hvy weaponry, while the winged tyrant runs up their weak flank and the hormagaunts run up stright. I will mainly be playing space marines of all types and orks.

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    I only have two sugestions:

    try to take 3 zoans with synapse. Thay are great for shhtoing and controlling our troops-

    For getting points I will change 2 squads hormagants to spinegasunts. You will have a lot of gaunts that will enjoy your enemy while MC arrive and crush him.

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