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    1500 freindly strike force army any tips?

    I havent got much fluff on my army yet but i have won a few games with this army so far, yet lost a few so any tips?
    here we go

    Seer council 90
    Farseer Fortune, Witchblade, Pistol, Runes of Witnessing, Ghosthelm, Wraithgate 96
    Farseer Guide, Witchblade, Pistol, Runes of Witnessing, Ghosthelm, Waystone 81
    Warlock Withcblade, Pistol, Enhance 31
    Warlock Withcblade, Pistol, Destructor 31
    Warlock Witchblade, Pistol, Augment 26

    Spear Of Khaine In the Portal
    Avatar Monstrous Creature, Inspiring 80
    2 Warlocks Witchblade, Pistol, Destructor 84

    7 Striking Scorpians In the portal, Pistol, Close combat weapon 112
    1 Exarch Scorpians claw, Pistol 43

    Guardian Defenders 1 In the Portal
    14 Defenders Missile Launcher & Shuriken Catapults 151
    1 Warlock Close Combat Weapon, Pistol, Conceal 33

    Guardian Defenders 2 In the Portal
    14 Defenders Bright lance & Shuriken Catapults 146
    1 Warlock Close Combat Weapon, Pistol, Conceal 33

    Guardian Storm 3 In the Portal
    16 Storm Close Combat Weapon, Pistol & 2 Fusion Guns 136
    1 Warlock Close Combat Weapon, Pistol, Enhance 28

    Vyper Squadron 1
    1 Vyper Shuriken Cannon 60

    4 Dark Reapers Reaper Cannon 148
    1 Exarch Missile Launcher, Fast Shot 85

    sorry its a bit scruffy and wrecked but legible, what you think any comments at all will be welcome lol

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    Just a couple of things, really. The waystone is going to be best used on one of your warlocks in the webway - otherwise it's no reroll for you (and a bit of waste as a result). And it might be worth reconsidering the reapers - they just tend to die in the wind these days

    Other than that, can't really argue with the selection .

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    Here we go:

    Seer Council:
    No need for that waystone, give it to a warlock in the spear of Khaine.
    Destructor is rather useless too, since you will spend your time fleeting. Change for Embolden.
    You might want to add another Warlock with augment and pistol and close combat weapons, and change the witchblades for close combat weapons on the warlocks to save points. They are sort of meat shields after all...

    Spear of Khaine:
    Give a warlock the waystone, and give him enhance.

    I prefer banshees since they can fleet and thus are more likely to get into combat. also they're anti-marine. Do as you prefer.

    Guardian Defenders:
    Let the Defender guardians start on the battlefield, they are not supposed to be in the portal when they have a heavy weapon. Get them to kill some high priority targets early in the game and support the other squads when they arrive. Also drop some guardians in each defender squads and get another Vyper for the points. More on that later

    Storm Guardians:
    Fine, a little bit large though, will be hard to manouvre.

    As i said, get rid of some guardians and get another Vyper. Then give them both bright lances. Put them in the webway since the guardians will start on the board.

    Dark Reapers: They don't really need that exarch, you might buy another Vyper for his points.

    That should do the trick without tinkering too much with the list, but if i were you i'd fit in another Storm Guardians squad. It may be done by removing the Reaper Exarch and some defender guardians, and get the extra Storm Guardian squad instead of the Vyper. Whatever your wallet allows.
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