51st Vior’la Strike-Recon Cadre
(Temporary list, version 0.9, under construction)
(Integrated Mechanized)

HQ (total points: 140)

Crisis Commander (“Commander Brightstar?)
---1 Shas’O with Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Shield Generator
---HW Multitracker, HW Target Lock

ELITES (total points: 515)

Crisis Team (“The Knives?)
---3 Shas’ui with Plasma Rifles, Missile Pods and Multitrackers

Crisis Team (“The Thunders?)
---2 Shas’ui with Twin-linked Missile Pods
---one with Flamer, one with Target Lock

Stealth Team (“The Ghosts?)
---6 Shas’ui with Burst Cannons
---Team leader, HW Dronelink, 2 Gun Drones

(total points: 577)

Fire Warrior Team
---12 Shas’la with Pulse Rifles

Fire Warrior Team
---12 Shas’la with Pulse Rifles

Fire Warrior Team
---12 Shas’la with Pulse Rifles

Kroot Kindred
---20 Kroot Carnivores with Kroot Rifles
---Shaper, Armor Save, 6 Kroot Hounds

(total points: 317)

Pathfinder Team
---8 Shas’la with Pulse Carbines and Markerlights
---Devilfish with Decoy Launchers and 4 Seeker Missiles

Gun Drone Squadron
---8 Gun Drones with Twin-linked Pulse Carbines

HEAVY SUPPORT (total points: 450)

Hammerhead Gunship (“Hammer Lead?)
---Railgun, Smart Missile System
---Multitracker, Target Lock, D-pod, Decoys, 4 Seeker Missiles

Hammerhead Gunship (“Hammer Two?)
---Railgun, Smart Missile System
---Multitracker, Target Lock, D-pod, Decoys, 4 Seeker Missiles


Army List Notes:

This list is a temporary/interim list for general use while my army is in the process of being upgraded to a fully mechanized force. At the moment, only the Troops section of the army list is incomplete. I need three more Devilfish APCs to build an effective Mechanized list, which will take time to acquire, assemble, and paint.

However, this list is tabletop-functional and well-suited for the battles and opponents I am likely to face, though it is designed as a tournament-style army: there is no extreme customization and all the units are designed with multi-role capability except the Deathrain Crisis Team, which exists as an experiment –I haven’t used this configuration much, and I want to see what it can do before I integrate it into my regular forces.

The Crisis Commander exists primarily to supplement other units with his shooting and should not, under most circumstances, be joining a unit. However, the Shield Generator exists to offer some measure of protection against the artillery my opponents like to field as well as against an untimely Lictor, Mandrake, or Deamonhost. The Target Lock is a “what if? precaution as well as the fact that I had six points left over when I was done with the list and thought, eh, why not?

The Elites are divided into three distinct battlefield roles. The Knives are my generalist unit, able to adapt on the fly to any targets of opportunity, though they will be actively hunting heavy infantry, light vehicles and any other fast units which could threaten my Fire Warriors.

The Thunders are a supplement to my Railheads, able to get into (and out of) places that the gunships just don’t fit. Their primary target is light and medium armor, their secondary target is any other high-toughness unit that my lighter elements will have trouble cracking.

The Ghosts are a high-impact anti-infantry unit that will harass the flanks of my enemy in conjunction with the Gun Drone Squadron. Their primary target is any massed light or medium infantry formation as well as light vehicles. Working with the Kor’vesa, they should be able to isolate and destroy units on the flanks of the army while taking little return fire.

The Fire Warriors unmounted exist primarily as a concession to the force organization chart and the fact that I don’t have as many ‘Fish as I need. They will act as a primary anti-infantry unit, relying on high-volume fire to deal with any threats. They will be working closely with the Thunder Crisis Team, who are acting as their anti-armor support unit.

The Kroot Kindred will function as a riflemen corps and mop-up assault unit, using their Fieldcraft to advance through forests and pounce on any unit weakened by my other roving elements (Battlesuits and Pathfinders)

The Pathfinders are my third Heavy Support choice. They will open the battle by calling in Seeker Missiles against priority vehicle and heavy infantry targets and then switch to a pinning/harassment role or a spotter team for my Railheads and Thunder Crisis Suits. Their Devilfish allows them to rapidly redeploy if need be, and their tank can serve as mobile cover or an emergency Fury attack if the need arises. If all priority targets are destroyed, they will redeploy to use their Carbines against any unit threatening the Fire Warriors.

The Gun Drones will operate on the flanks of the army, working with the Ghost Team to isolate and destroy enemy light and medium infantry and light vehicles. If all priority targets are destroyed, they will redeploy to use their Carbines against and unit threatening the Fire Warriors.

The Railheads exist as multi-role unit able to effectively counter almost any unit. Their target priorities are, in descending order of importance: Fast transports, other transports and other Fast Vehicles, enemy tanks and artillery, other vehicles, jump-pack and bike/cavalry units, assault infantry, any other infantry.

Their choice of target selection, of course, depends on the composition of the enemy force.


So... what'cha all think?

Questions, comments, criticsms, anecdotes, witticisms, advice and of course discussion are all welcomed and appreciated. Flames will be used to toast marshmallows and/or laughed at.